JP’s Snooker and Pool Club is hosting a great weekend of snooker

Posted on: June 30, 2021

Last edited at: June 30, 2021

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Pro-Am Snooker UK Held two events at JP over the weekend. Professional Snooker on Saturday and Charlie Bull Junior Snooker Open on Sunday

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Dave Lewis said on Facebook:

“I will never forget this weekend because it was one of the best and it told me so much about junior snooker, and where to go.
Most of these guys are the best in the UK, and it’s no surprise that their game is already semi-professional.
Some of them will be on a professional tour in 2-3 years; already one.

Alex Clenshaw started by 137 votes over Samuel Lee-Stevens. Tough first-round matches with Tour Pro Jimmy Wilson just past Luke Pinches 4-3, and Oliver Sykes only crossed the streak 4-3 on talented Ryan Davies.
But the following rounds saw Jack Haley start the flow, defeating Oliver Sykes, and the very strong-looking Conor Benzie. Jimmy Wilson, once again just past Alex Klinshaw 4-3 with a great long position to win tires. Jimmy’s 4-1 win over Liam Boleyn had no reflection on the match as she was close in most frames.
Jack and Jimmy took the top 5 options to finish this great day of the best junior snooker; Well done to Jack, well deserved win.

Many thanks to Jason Pegram and Charlie Paul for leading the big prize money.


Snooker Pro AM

Ryan Thompson 4-0 Ed Jones
Alex Klinshaw 4-0 Dan Walker
Dave McDonnell 4-1 Lee Adams
Peter Devlin 4-2 Luke pinching
Jack Haley 4-1 Westley Cooper
Shawn O’Sullivan 4-3 Jimmy Wilson
Barry pinches 4-1 Andy Norman
Ryan Coston 4-0 Colin Mitchell

Alex Clinshaw 4-3 Ryan Thompson
Peter Devlin 4-0 Dave McDonnell
Barry pinches 4-3 Jack Haley
Shawn O’Sullivan 4-2 Ryan Kaustin

Alex Klinshaw 4-3 Peter Devlin
Barry pinches 4-3 Shawn O’Sullivan

The Final Clenshaw and Pinches Division

Charlie Paul Junior Snooker Open Championship

Jack Haley 4-1 Westley Cooper
Oliver Sykes 4-3 Ryan Davis
Joe Fenton 4-0 Issa Ishtiaq
Conor Benzie 4-0 Harry White
Jimmy Wilson 4-3 Luke pinching
Alex Clinshaw 4-0 Samuel Lee Stevens
Alec Chalmers 4-0 Mason Sharp
Liam Boleyn 4-0 Ed Jones

Jack Haley 4-1 Oliver Sykes
Conor Benzie 4-2 Joe Fenton
Jimmy Wilson 4-3 Alex Klinshaw
Liam Boleyn 4-2 Alec Chalmers

Jack Haley 4-3 Conor Benzie
Jimmy Wilson 4-1 Liam Bolin

Jack Haley 3-1 Jimmy Wilson

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YouTube interviews

Head over to Pro-Am Snooker TV for interviews with some of the players

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Stephen Hendry: Me and the table

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