Lando Norris has set a challenge for the England Football Team

The nerves are about to come in for England vs Germany later, I know I am definitely wallowing it, so imagine how the players are going to feel! To help them stay calm, Lando Norris and his family have given the England squad a sim rig to see if they can beat his time!

“They have two simulators installed by my brother in Cool Performance,” Lando said. “So they do hot laps of Brands Hatch when they rest between workouts.

“I know they are trying to beat my lap time, I did, I do not think any of them have done it yet. I know Mason [Mount] sent a message to me saying he’s trying hard to hit me. ”

It is fantastic! The England team uses F1 for their downtime, of course the best way to relax from training to hardcore competition is of course more competition, athletes yes!

Lando was driving in Silverstone in 2018 when England played in the quarter-finals of the World Cup and had an England flag on the side of his car, so it’s obvious who he supports: “I support England and speak to some of the guys. Mason sent me a sweater to wear that I want to wear. I know many of them are also motorsport fans who want to get to some of the races when they can. ”

There are many F1 fans in the football world, the Wales team that was knocked out the other day, played their group games in Baku and to relax they drove on F1 2020.

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Working in an F1 team brings many different rivalries when there is a huge international competition, and it is the same at McLaren, Lando said a few weeks ago: “Andreas [Seidl, McLaren’s Team Principal] is a hardcore Germany supporter, probably the biggest football fanatic in the paddock.

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