MMA fighter Joe Schilling knocks drunk Florida man who is allegedly a warrior

Joe Schilling hits an overzealous Florida bar patron.

Joe Schilling hits an overzealous Florida bar patron.
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In the history of random people trying (or trying to fake) professional street fighters, the casual observer is still somehow surprised at how quickly things go wrong.

But we can assume that all bets are off when you are drunk.

A 31-year-old man from Fort Lauderdale named Justin Balboa was “visibly drunk,” according to police, when he was at a bar and bowed to 37-year-old Joe Schilling, a 23-9 Muay Thai kickboxer and 4.6 mixed martial artist. He previously competed in Bellator, the second largest mixed martial arts promotion in the country after the UFC. To the hypnotic and cheerful melody of “Next EpisodeWritten by Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg and Corupt, Schilling started to move away, but turned around when Balboa seemed to start the showdown. Then Balboa apparently began making a strike rhythm, and before he could complete his move, the well-trained Schilling reflexively landed on A short right hook, followed by a left, eliminating the abrasive Florida man who works as a bus driver at Outback Steakhouse.

A video clip of the accident was filmed.

to me Reporting from mmafighting.comBalboa told the officers that he “only wanted to document the incident in order to file a civil case against the establishment.” Additionally, the bar manager told the officers that Balboa “was very drunk and may have made an inappropriate statement about the girlfriend/wife of the man who hit him, causing the fight to escalate.”

The manager also noted that Balboa is “a regular customer who routinely causes problems in the establishment because of his drunkenness.”

Schilling, whose Instagram bio contains a link to a website called “cantstopcrazy.comHe has since reported the incident on social media. one job It read, “7 billion people in this world, and you chose me.” The other post was a direct message he received from someone claiming to be Balboa’s alleged ex-girlfriend, which Thanks Schilling to expel him.

He also wrote a since-deleted post containing a longer account of the confrontation, in which he claimed self-defense, Hey ho mentioned.

“Small context: This guy’s rap is like a goof,” Schilling wrote on IG. “The pregnant man who happens to be black walks by, and this asshole bumps into him and shouts, ‘Me and Hell Breaker, we don’t get along. “The worker is badly offended but doesn’t want to lose his job. As the night goes on, this clown starts looking at me and sings whatever song is playing while making eye contact with me. I’m like, what’s wrong with this idiot? I go out to smoke, and while I’m walking again, He bumped into me. I reached out my hand to catch him. He immediately says “I’m sorry.” You can see me nod like, Great.

“Then I realize it was me, the guy who’s been singing all night, screaming, ‘Hey.’ I turn, and he compliments me. … Bad decisions are made every day. I come back and sit down to finish my drink and pay my bill. Two servants, the worker and my DJ came to thank me.” As you can see from this video when it was shown to me, I was afraid for my life and simply defending myself against evil in this world.”

previously Fighting MMA In the story, Balboa’s attorney, Robert Solomon, blames Schilling—who has not yet been criminally charged, but may face a misdemeanor battery—for escalating the standoff.

“It was something that had to happen,” Solomon said. “It shouldn’t happen. You watch this video and you shiver. This is a professional fighter. To tell me you felt threatened as a professional fighter fighting at the highest levels of combat, Bellator and all that stuff, I’m not buying it. I think it was gratuitous and there are consequences when you do things Like this.

“I think a professional fighter has overreacted to a situation, and he doesn’t need to do what he did,” Solomon added. “And someone to you is just as hard hit as this guy, he’s lucky he didn’t die and we’re dealing with a different kind of issue.”

Solomon also noted that Balboa was shot in the head and sent to the hospital that night.

Balboa, as far as we know, is not related to former American football star Marcelo Balboa, the 16th century Spanish conquistador Vasco Núñez de Balboa, the first European explore The tenthand the Pacific Ocean, nor Rocky Balboa, a fictional character who is much better at fighting.


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