New York Giants’ Kyle Rudolph Feels’ Like a Rookie Again ‘

Kyle Rudolph spent 10 seasons with the Minnesota Vikings, but that ended earlier this year when the team decided it was time to part ways with the veteran.

It was not long before the New York Giants came and called and signed Rudolph to one two-year $ 12 million deal after a short hiccup due to detection of a lingering injury.

Originally, Rudolph ran his business over Zoom from the comfort of his Minnesota home. It was a familiar situation, but a short-lived one. When organized team activities began, Rudolph found his way to East Rutherford, and that was when things changed.

“You feel like a rookie again,” Rudolph told Fox 9 Sports Now.

It took Rudolph some time to get his feet back under him because of the way the offseason started.

“It’s definitely different, especially the way the early part of the offseason played, where pretty much every team in the NFL was virtual for the first four to five weeks,” Rudolph said. “I was on Zoom calls with new teammates and coaches, but I was still here in Minnesota in our house. [I was] go to the Mayo Clinic in the center and do my rehabilitation and exercise, just like I would do for the last 10 seasons here in Minnesota as a member of the Vikings.

“It was only when OTA started when I went out to New York, and I am in the new building for the first time, trying to find my way around. I had no idea where I was going most of the time. . . Everything is new and everything is different, but it is extremely exciting for me. It’s a great opportunity and I’m looking forward to this season. ”

The reality that he was a giant did not really hit until around the same time.

“That was when I was in the new facility in [New Jersey] for the first time, ”Rudolph said. “Going into the building, being near new teammates, being around coaches … It’s one thing when you’m on Zoom call and you learn that way, but you’re actually in the building – it was since it really struck me that we are doing this, we are making a transition. ”

Rudolph is much more familiar with his surroundings now and should play a significant role in the Giants’ offense next season.


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