Serena Williams waving in tears waving goodbye to fans after injury

This was an absolute disaster for a day at Wimbledon for one of tennis’ brightest stars.

Serena Williams has dominated Wimbledon for years now and has been hoping to reclaim some of that success this round for her first Grand Slam title since 2017.

Unfortunately, this was postponed due to injury.

After slipping at Wimbledon Central on Tuesday in the first round of the tournament, Williams was forced to withdraw from the match. She only played one set of her first-round match against Alexandra Sasnovich when she slipped and injured her ankle.

She continued playing a bit after the slip and even received treatment as the match went on before eventually deciding to retire.

After her decision, she got up and waved to the audience with tears. She received a warm welcome, but it was still very heartbreaking.

This is the worst. Hopefully the injury isn’t too serious and you can play again as soon as possible. Tennis is not the same without it.


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