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Thousand Oaks, California – Los Angeles rams receiver Robert Woods He flashed a big smile when he realized the question posed to him during a video conference with reporters for an off-season programme.

If Woods runs a road and it’s open but doesn’t get the ball from it Matthew StaffordWill he return to the crowd and tell the midfielder to look for him next time?

Of course, said Woods, laughing. “I always let the midfielder know that I was open. You have to stay in his ear and be a reminder.”

In his thirteenth NFL season but first in Los Angeles, Stafford likely will have no shortage of playmakers to tweet him when the season begins on September 13th against the team. Chicago Bears On Sunday Night Football. The rams return to greet Woods, cooper cup And the second year for professionals from Jefferson. Over the course of two months during the holiday period, they also signed the veteran D Shane Jackson to a one-year free agent contract worth $4.5 million. Then he chose Louisville Toto Atoil In the second round of the NFL Draft.

Stafford will also have a tight end Tyler Higby And back to back Cam Akers at his disposal.

“The best thing I can tell you is that it’s not my decision,” Jackson laughed when asked if there were enough footballs to go around. “I leave that to Sean McVeigh and Matthew Stafford.”

Woods got a four-year extension worth up to $68 million and Kupp a three-year extension worth up to $48 million prior to last season. After four seasons playing under Rams coach Sean McVeigh, both are well established in attack and are expected to resume familiar roles this season.

Least established is the third-place recipient that was filled last season Josh Reynoldswho left for Tennessee Titans In free agency.

Rams general manager Les Snead and McVay have made no secret that they will be chasing this off-season playmaker – a player with speed and the ability to stretch his defense – something they lacked amid last season’s 10-6 finale. But it was somewhat of a surprise that they stopped Jackson and then Atwell with their first pick, especially after Jefferson – who was a second-round pick in 2020 – showed his potential in the junior season.

“It’s a luxury in some ways,” Cobb said. “You have such a deep group of guys, and the next really better thing is that the guys aren’t just locked in one position, the guys want to learn the whole offense, so you have five guys who can play every position you ask them to.”

Jackson has a history with McVeigh, who served as his offensive coordinator for three seasons in Washington. The 14-year-old has spent the past two seasons slow and sidelined due to injuries but is confident he can stay healthy on his return to his hometown.

“It’s definitely going to be an intimidating group for Shaun McVeigh, one thing about her, he’s going to figure out how to open,” said Jackson, who is sixth all-time in the NFL with 17.4 yards each. Recepion. “So we’re just looking forward to having a lot of fun doing that.”

Chosen at number 57 last year, Jefferson quickly established a reputation as a successful and well-mannered runner. He flashes during training camp but has seen limited opportunities during the regular season.

When Jefferson was asked about his relief with the offense entering Year Two, he admitted he wasn’t as stable as he appeared in his rookie season.

said Jefferson, who had 19 passes for 220 yards and a touchdown. “But I think I’m more comfortable now.”

McVeigh called Jefferson a “key bright spot” in this off-season.

“It really put the work in,” McVeigh said. “He’s back to establish himself as a legitimate guy, a guy we depend on for big things and I think the future is very bright.”

When asked which Rams have added two more receivers this off-season, Jefferson said he should be comfortable with the decision.

You take it one day at a time, said Jefferson. “You know, don’t pay attention to that and go in there and complete and work every day and everything else will take care of itself.”

Woods said Atwell played arrogantly during an off-season program and demonstrated his speed and ability to get onto the field quickly.

“He plays a ton of heart and speed,” Woods said.

However, as Jefferson advances and if Jackson remains healthy, Atwell could face an uphill battle to play.

McVeigh compared Atwell’s skill set to Jackson, and although the Rams invested a selection for the second round at Atwell, the iteration with Stafford behind Woods, Cobb, Jackson and Jefferson could be limited for the novice, who is expected to return kicks on special teams.

“Right now I’m starting to get wet,” Atwell said during the team’s organized activities. “Just pretty much studying games and just watching [veteran players] And ask them questions and how to do it and how to do it.”

Woods said that chemistry grows on and off the court and that each receiver brings a unique talent and ability.

“All of these players are doing different things and what they bring to attack is going to be a really nice combination that gives you all over the field, down the field, fly, intermediate screens,” Woods said. “I think everyone can contribute in every way.”

Stafford kept it simple when asked how his many playmakers could achieve the goals.

“For me, I think it’s just a sound that counts, open up and catch the ball,” Stafford said.


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