Adam Fox of New York Rangers makes NHL history with Norris win فوز

Over 94 seasons New York Rangers Hockey, only Harry Howell, Doug Harvey, and Brian Leach managed to win the prestigious Norris Cup, which is awarded annually to the best defender in the league. Tuesday night, Adam Fox He joined the elite roster, becoming the fourth New York goalkeeper to win the award, beating Cal Makar and Victor Hedman.

In all sports, players who get out of the gate quickly in their freshman seasons typically experience a sophomore slump. The league adapts to the tendencies of younger players, forcing them to learn how to adapt as well. For Fox, who failed to get the Calder Trophy ballot in his rookie campaign, the sophomore’s dip was nonexistent, leaping himself from Calder-snub to the best defense in the NHL in just one year.

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Anytime your name is said at the same time as Bobby Orr, you’re probably doing some pretty cool stuff. Fox has been amazing this season, ranking second among NHL defenses in points (47), first in assists (42), second in strengths (23), and tied first in short cuts (2). In just his second season, Fox played an average of 24:22 TOI per game. Those meaningful minutes provided Rangers a chance in their post-season boost, and his plus-19 rating shows just how valuable those minutes are.

Throughout the season, the 23-year-old has demonstrated his poise and skill with disc in all three areas, making seemingly impossible plays seem common. He collected 12 points in a row, second only to Brian Leach in Rangers history, proving how strong he is when the disc is on his tape. All around, Fox was the NHL’s best defensive man during the 2020-21 season, and the Professional Hockey Writers Association nailed that selection.

What do the naysayers say?

Those who hold a dissenting opinion about Fox’s winning of this award have argued that the Rangers’ post-season missing out reduces his nomination. And, marvelously, Fox Norris’ win made him the first man in defense to win the Norris Cup in the modern era over a non-playoff team. Join Ur as the second defender to win it in his first two seasons and stand alone as the only defender Winning it from a non-playing team Make this absolutely historic Norris Cup for Fox.

This award is a regular season trophy, and According to the NHL Records page, Norris is presented annually to the defensive player who has demonstrated the greatest all-round ability in the position throughout the season.

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There is no asterisk under this that says, “Team must qualify for post-season to win this award,” as with every award handed out on Tuesday. These are all regular season awards, full season play awarding, and the requirement that a single team make the playoffs to win a prize is a figment of some people’s imagination.

And if you stick to this point of view, be sure to fix this issue. Take Fox and Makar and spin the teams. Will Makar take the Rangers to the playoffs? Will the avalanche miss the post-season? Take Fox and Hedman and do the same. Clearly, and it has been evident throughout, that Lightning and Avalanche were superior teams, and both made it to the postseason if their Norris nominees were out. But if Fox had been out for the long haul for the Rangers, holy sire, that background would have been a mess.

The fox has been a beast all season long

We mentioned the stats Fox had, and all of them were pretty impressive in their own right. Analytically, Fox was equally impressive, both offensively and defensively, Courtesy of Hockey Development تطوير.

The evolution of Adam Fox's NYR RAPM hockey chart
Adam Fox of the New York Rangers RAPM chart, courtesy of Evolving Hockey.

None of these categories see Fox as a passive player. It didn’t matter what area Fox was affecting; It favorably affected both sides of the disc. In just his second season, the New York native of Jericho shows an unlimited amount of potential, despite not being able to play a full 82-game slate.

J Fresh Hockey, a brilliant analytical member of Elite Prospects Rinkside, broke Fox’s season with a scorecard. It speaks volumes about the caliber of the season we’ve all just witnessed.

Norris’ win is well deserved for Adam Fox. What a two-way season for him and what a great start to his career. #NYR
Player Card via JFreshHockey

Sometimes a player’s numbers don’t indicate his impact on the ice. This is not one of those cases. Simply put, Fox has been pegged for all 2020-2021 years, Dominates his way to the Norris Cup. Leach’s comparisons are certainly premature, but they are certainly justified. Rangers haven’t had a defensive man who can take over a game since the second player got on the ice, but they sure have one now at Fox.

Nobody is saying that McCar and Hedman are not dominant in their own right. But Fox from Game One to 56 was the best defender in the league, and in the end, he brought home the Norris Cup he really had. Next year, Rangers goal is simple; To make a postseason. And with Norris’ winner on the blue line, that goal certainly looks achievable.

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