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Britain’s Andy MurrayWin five sets against Oscar Otti Wednesday evening was a typical experience for Murray. There were many ups and downs, and he showed both positive and negative emotions. Finding a way, the Scotsman raised his arms as if he was a gladiator who had just won at the Colosseum.

“One of the reasons I keep playing is because of moments like this,” Murray said. “Why do you want to give up on that? The atmosphere… was good throughout the match, but especially the last hour and a half was great. I still enjoy that.”

Play was suspended early in the fourth set, with Murray dropping two sets to one. Twice Wimbledon The hero returned to Center Court eager to use the crowd to his advantage.

“I picked quite a few people in the crowd and was staring at them a lot after every point and just trying to connect with them,” Murray said. “The crowd created a great atmosphere, but I think I was getting them on too and we were feeding on each other a lot at the end.

“I’m on the lookout at the moment. I know what a great atmosphere in tennis is. I’ve played in a few of them over the years and this was definitely one of them. Obviously when it’s like that and things are going your way, it’s a nice feeling” .

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Murray spotted many of the fans he dealt with, including two men in Scottish rugby jerseys.

“They were very noisy and it was very close to where I was getting my towel and stuff, and they were always kind of standing,” Murray said. “Then there was the other guy who was near where the radio booths were. He was standing all the time getting pumped and he just caught my eye.

“Every time I win a point and even when I lose points [I] Just [was] look at him. The crowd feels like I guess and I feel like you’re feeding on them and stuff. It was nice. help. It’s something I’ve done many times over the years in some matches.

“Hopefully the fans will like it and I don’t think it’s kind of weird that I’m staring at them and screaming at them for about an hour, but they seem to be enjoying that too.”

It wouldn’t be easier for Murray, who will then play the role of a dynamic shot maker Denis Shapovalov, Class X. This will be the first ATP Head2Head meeting.

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