Bryson DeChambeau, courier takes a breather before the Rocket Mortgage Classic

Detroit – Bryson DeShampoo DeChambeau told ESPN’s Michael Collins on Thursday that he and boxer Tim Tucker are taking a breather.

DeChambeau plays in Detroit at the Rocket Mortgage Classic, and Tucker was in the DeChambeau bag at the start of the week. DeChambeau told Collins that Tucker didn’t quite quit, but that the two of them would take some time.

He did not specify the length of the break, but Ben Shumen will hold the remainder of the championship at DeChambeau in Detroit. The search for a new vehicle will start after the tournament.

“They’ve gone their separate ways at the moment,” DeChambeau’s agent, Brett Falkoff, told ESPN’s Bob Harrig. “It doesn’t mean forever, but it does mean they’re not working together now. They met last night and decided to move on. It’s just a backlog of things, and it’s never going to be easy when a player and a pack break up. They just decided the best situation at the moment was not to stay. together anymore.”

This situation was triggered by Tucker and DeChambeau, when Tucker quit in 2017, although the two reunited in 2018.

Brooks Kopka, who has been involved in a rivalry with DeChambeau, did not let Thursday’s news go without comment. Kupka chirp cry To his bag, Ricky Elliott, he writes, “I couldn’t do that without my legs Rick!”

DISHAMPOO is Return of the hero at the Rocket Mortgage Classic and has yet to start his first round this week.


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