Camarell claims Anthony Joshua shouldn’t have won the Olympic final

Roberto Camarell has never forgotten or forgiven his Olympic loss to Anthony Joshua, as John Dennin wrote

ROBERTO CAMMARELLE doesn’t think Olympic gold medals should be reallocated, but thinks he beat Anthony Joshua in the super heavyweight final in London 2012.

Wrong decisions had an effect. The two are against [Alexander] Povetkin, the two against Joshua and this actually led to the IBF’s loss of credibility. So the IBF must regain credibility. The IOC must be convinced from now on that we will be a credible association. We have to restore that confidence. It won’t be easy. We will have to train referees and judges so that they do not get involved in unfair decisions again.

Camarelle is now happily retired. He is no longer competing but still thinking about revenge. “To be honest even today, I’d be happy to fight against Anthony Joshua. If anyone asked me to do it, I would do it right away. I’m tired of training, I’m not ready to do it anymore, and my body isn’t ready to do it anymore. I would only do it for revenge.” And not for the medals or the championship. And I still think today that I can win. Even though he became a completely different boxer.”

boxing news He was ringside in both of his amateur matches with Joshua, and neither decision was considered unfair. But the IBF in general is mired in wrong decisions and controversial rulings. That hit rock bottom at the 2016 Olympics. Under new president Umar Kremlev, the International Boxing Federation has announced an independent investigation into possible corrupt practices in the past, headed by the highly regarded investigator Professor Richard McLaren and his research group McLaren Global Sports Solutions. Camarell, a senior Olympic athlete and heavyweight gold medalist in 2008 himself, supports this anti-corruption campaign. The International Boxing Association (AIBA) is currently suspended from running the boxing tournament at the Tokyo Games, due to its management and organization. But the former champion hopes these reform efforts will get the body back in the Olympics.

“AIBA must organize the Olympics again,” Camarel said. “[Kremlev] Apparently he was moved by what I told him and asked me to help him with Roy Jones into this new organization and support this new operation. I can’t say no.

“I am very worried because the continental and world championships are great but they are paving the way for the final tournament, which is the Olympics. This is a dream come true for everyone. And if it were not us who organized it, it would definitely not be the same. For many countries, including Italy, not participating in The Olympics also means not getting enough funding. And if you don’t get funding, it’s terrible.”

But Camarell does not think he should be given another Olympic gold medal. “I can’t believe it. I wouldn’t like that to happen either. What’s gone is gone. However, I expect the future to be different, and that medals will be awarded from now on after a full referee check, and this actually happened earlier this month in a tournament Europe for under 22 years.

Professor Ulrich Haas, who currently leads governance reform at WADA, will also chair the independent Governance Reform Group, which includes legal and governance experts. AIBA also stated that they are finalizing an agreement with a major accounting firm to conduct a full audit of the federation’s finances. IBF President Krimlev insists, “The IBF is working to become a welcoming, strong and stable home for boxers around the world. We have appointed the best independent experts to guide us towards the highest standards of sporting governance and integrity.”

The investigation of corruption is expected to be significant. “I would not have continued with the project unless I had been given full independence,” McClaren emphasized. “We have the right in this particular investigation to publish our report in full.”

McLaren Global Sports Solutions invites anyone with information or any informants to come forward and confidentially contribute to their investigation. They can be contacted at

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