Charles Lee or Willie Green for the next coach?

The New Orleans Pelicans are on hold until they find a head coach and two names have emerged as potential candidates for Charles Lee and Willie Green.

Green’s name only surfaced recently, as the Suns’ finals shed some light on their assistant coach.

They are both junior and up-and-coming assistants and have many Qualities that pelicans should look for in their next trainer.

Both are young, with a reputation as being smart basketball minds and good communicators, and have worked under successful coaches.

other candidates, Including two interior options, they’re still in the works, but if the Pelicans go with Charles Lee or Willie Green, that will give some understanding of how to push the franchise forward.

New Orleans Pelicans: Willie Greene is a familiar face

Willie Green played one season as a backup guard for Chris Paul in New Orleans, so the Pelicans are familiar with his work.

He is an assistant under Monty Williams, the former head coach of the Pelicans, who was fired by the Bills but now has his team in the NBA Finals.

Familiarity is good, but if the Pelicans didn’t think Williams was the man who led them (maybe they were wrong about that) what makes them think his assistant Green would be better?

In some ways, this may be an admission that they were wrong to fire Williams, although David Griffin wasn’t around at the time, so he might not care about that optic. Like Williams, Green was one of the youngest coaches in the league at 39, a year older than Williams when he landed the main job in New Orleans.

New Orleans Pelicans: Charles Lee offers a fresh start

Unlike Green, Lee has no connections with New Orleans, as his coaching career has gone through the San Antonio Spurs, Atlanta Hawks and Milwaukee Bucks.

Lee emerged as the top candidate after it was reported that frontrunner Jack Vaughn had pulled himself out of running for the job.

Lee is younger than Green at 36, something that could happen Make it the best choice A young team led by Zion Williamson.

Lee will mark a fresh start for the Pelicans, who will no longer have to visit the ghosts of former coaches and answer endless questions about Monty Williams.

He would have given the New Orleans Pelicans a chance to achieve some long-term stability and could grow with their young team.

I think it’s a tough call, as there are arguments for both, but the choice will tell us a lot about how the pelicans see the future as well as the past.

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