Dak Prescott went deep through a number of things in a conversation with ESPN’s Up Close with Sage Steele

This offseason has felt a little longer than usual too Dallas Cowboys, as long as Dak Prescott gets his extension of the record setting feels far in hindsight.

A lot has happened with Prescott over the last year, football and otherwise. Throughout it all, he has shown an ability to handle it all while serving as the center of the most visible professional sports franchise in the world.

Whatever you may think of Dak on the pitch, there is no doubt that he is an incredible person outside of it. His journey over the past year is one that has earned him many new fans, and it was portrayed in the first episode of ESPN’s Up Close with Sage Steele. The episode can be streamed on ESPN +.

We sat down with Sage to discuss the episode, what went into it, film with Dak and more. You can watch the interview right here and on Blogging The Boys YouTube Channel. Be sure to subscribe to it (which you can do right here) so you do not miss any of our videos.

Former sports fans will remember Close and Roy Firestone. This re-enacted version with Sage Steele is very similar, and the opening episode with Dak Prescott is very powerful.

It is not easy to talk about trials and tribulations in life, but Dak has opened the door for others to see his vulnerability. Having him act as the leader of the Cowboys is an incredible thing as he is so easy to root for.

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