England’s batting unit will battle against Indian shooters: Aleister Cook

former England The Captain and the Legendary Opening Alistair Cook It is believed that the English batting unit led by Joe Root will struggle against the attack of high-quality Indian bowling in the next five-match series.

England’s fight has been a major cause for concern for the past six or eight months and Cook believes they will face a formidable challenge against India.

Cook added that England’s hitting unit often struggles under pressure and, according to him, the main reason for this is that a number of hitters in their squad are inexperienced.

“When the pressure comes, England’s batting unit doesn’t respond very well, often breaks, when the game is right for the money or when it gets tough. It will be interesting to see how they deal with India. It will be a huge challenge for them.” Alistair Cook said on The Vaughan Topher Show.

“We also have to look at how many games these guys have played. (Dom) Sibley 20, (Rory) Burns 25, (Zach) Crowley 14, (Oli) Pope 19. So four of the top five, take Joe Root out of it, play less From 25 matches. In the really experienced beta side, you only want one player under 20. You want everyone else who has 50-60 tests.

Dom Sibley. (Credits: Twitter)

Aleister Cook went on to give another example of the England team that won in Australia in the summer of 2010/11 with nearly every player in their squad having at least 50 Tests.

The legendary England editorial added that the likes of him and others have all gone through what the likes of Sibley, Burns and Crowley are currently going through.

The England team that went to Australia in 2010-11 – I (Andrew) Strauss, (Jonathan) Trout in third, KB (Kevin Petersen) in fourth, (Ian) Bale in fifth, (Paul) Collingwood in sixth – we all played 50-60 demo matches. We have all been through what Sibley, Burns and Crowley are going through at this particular time.” Alistair Cook added.

Zach Crowley from England (Sky Sports)
Zach Crowley from England (Sky Sports)

Former England left-armed Phil Tufnell also echoed Cook’s words, noting that Joe Root’s batting unit would be blown away by India’s powerful bowling unit.

“We’ve been talking about Joe Root, in the Over-50s game, being a position player. I haven’t seen any of that against New Zealand in those two Test matches. I still think there’s a lot of concern about the top three. It’s probably Rory Burns installed to Pretty much. But there are two or three spots lurking around it. Ole Pope came a short run, and the likes of James Brassey, he was nervous. This batsman against the Indian bowling lineup is going to have a hard time, and they’re going to need to do something about it because we might explode.” He said.

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