Mike’s Mind: Nothing and random thoughts

In a short version of Mike’s mind, which I hope to do more often, here are some random thoughts that have recently entered my mind regarding college football including the NIL.


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1. RATTLER No. 1

Let’s be clear, the number one player for name, photo, and similarity is Oklahoma QB Spencer Rattler Since he’s on a program that has produced the NFL’s #1 draft picks and Heisman Award winners in his position at Baker Mayfield And the Keeler Murray. Rattler won’t get rich from NIL because he’s just getting started but he tops my list as the most marketable player out there.


2. Skill players join the marketing world

Derek Stingley, Jr. (Jason Getz-USA Today Sports)

Skill position players are all the rage in college football and beyond, so scoring goals (or defending against them) will always be appreciated. Here 2-10 guys…

2. QB Sam HowellAnd the North Carolina – The North Carolina market is growing and many have made it into the QB1 for the NFL draft.

3. DB Derek Stingley Jr.And the LSU Best corner to close since then Galen Ramsey You will benefit.

4 of Kayvon ThibodeauAnd the Oregon – It could be the #1 overall pick in the NFL Draft and Oregon is a surprise market.

5. WR Chris OlafAnd the Ohio StateGarrett Wilson There is also there, but I like Olaf better.

6. RB Bigsby tankAnd the Auburn Best comeback game in college football next season? If he stays healthy he will be.

7. RB Bijan RobinsonAnd the Texas – Robinson is in a huge market and is the only marketable Longhorn at the moment.

8. QB Kidon slovesAnd the USC QB opportunities will always be available in Los Angeles.

9. QB DJ UiagaleleiAnd the Clemson – He’s a potential #1 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

10. DB Elias RexAnd the LSU CB1 for the 2023 NFL Draft will continue the tradition at LSU.


3. Where are the Alabama players?

Brian Robinson

Brian Robinson

You may notice that there was no Alabama Players on my top 10 list, but we all know that’s not going to last. back Christian Harris, hasty edge Will Anderson, quarterback Bryce Young, receiver John Michi IIIrunning back Brian Robinsonoffensive lineي Evan Neal And many others should benefit in the end. In fact, I see about 20 future first-round picks on the Alabama roster from beginner to senior as usual.

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4. You will not be the stars of the past

Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush (AP Images)

Who would be some of the most marketable players of the past 20 years or so in college football if NIL were alive at that time? Here is my list…

1. Tim TebowAnd the Florida – He was a legend in college, plain and simple.

2. Reggie BushAnd the USC – He was arguably the most dynamic player in college football when USC was a huge deal nationwide.

3. Vince YoungAnd the Texas – The market is huge and Young was a solo show sometimes.

4. Johnny ManzelAnd the Texas A&M – ‘Money’ Manzel was able to defend number 2 on this list because it was such a sensation.

5. Cam NewtonAnd the Auburn – It’s only been a year, but what a wonderful year.

6. Trevor LawrenceAnd the Clemson – The hype that left high school and a national title in its first season? This is a mix.

7. Jimmy ClausenAnd the our lady – What or what? Yeah. Remember it was named after LeBron James High school football was in Notre Dame.

8. Jadvion ClooneyAnd the South Carolina – Clowney was a big name coming out of high school and it would be a rare rush end to take advantage of.

9. Adrian PetersonAnd the Oklahoma Big market and one of the best runners in college football history.

10. Ndamkong SuhAnd the Nebraska – The Nebraska fan base is unparalleled and Suh’s T-shirts would have taken off the shelves.


5. Consider the NFL draft

Evan Neal is back in high school.

Evan Neal is back in high school. (Nick Lucero / Rivals.com)

remember Evan Neal As a recruit? Do you remember him when he was young when he carried a lot of weight and then reduced his first season weight to around 360 pounds and ended up as the 8th National and No. 1 offensive tackle? Well, I’m here to tell you that despite his high ranking, I didn’t expect this to come: Neal is now the best potential offensive line I’ve seen in the NFL draft since Orlando Base He returned to first place overall in 1997.

Everyone likes to throw up the term generational talent and I hate that. Trevor Lawrence Generation talent. Chase Young not because we have Nick BossaAnd the Joey Bossa Others are in the same position. But Neal, he could be a talent for generations because he has the very rare sport of a 6-foot-7 and 360-pounder and is a tireless worker in the weight room. His chest and split jumps are already a legend in Alabama and he shows that strength in his lower body with impossible agility and agility.

He’s better at this point than the first-round tackles in Alabama dj flocker, Jonah Williams Jedrick Wells And the Alex Leatherwood I am in front of him Benny Sewell Which was rated as the generational talent last year. Neil has a chance, with another great season and a combined practice that would amaze everyone, to be a top five pick and could push for first place overall, a rarity for an offensive business. He is eccentric.

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