Open Tickets: How to be in St Andrews in 2022

Demand for celebrations at the old stadium is expected to be so great that R&A brings a ballot for the first time ever.

Open tickets are already the hottest in town – but getting a spot in next year’s 150th Open could take a little luck.

For the first time, a ballot was introduced to ensure the “fairest” way to be able to attend the influential tournament in St Andrews in July 2022.

The demand for open tickets has increased in recent years, with more than 237,000 tickets attended for the world’s oldest major tournament at Royal Portrush in 2019.

There were record ticket sales for Royal St. George Before the tournament was postponed as the coronavirus pandemic spread and close to 240,000 filled St Andrews the last time the Open was in 2015.

With demand expected to be very high as the event celebrates its centenary, R&A believes polling is the best way to distribute tickets.

Polling is now open and will run until 4 October 2020, and “the allotment balance will ensure that every generation of fans, from around the world, as well as across the UK and local area, will be able to attend”.

News of the poll came in June as R&A began the countdown to old cycle By launching a special commemorative brand, which will focus on the Open Championship’s journey and impact since its first launch in 1860.

Martin Slumbers, CEO of R&A, said: “This is a very important occasion for golf as well as The Open and one that sports fans everywhere are looking forward to. The 150th Open will give fans the opportunity to participate in a unique celebration like no other in my hometown. The game in St Andrews.

“We expect exceptional demand to be part of these celebrations and the ballot will give as many fans as possible the opportunity to secure a ticket and be a part of the history being made at one of the world’s most celebrated and celebrated sporting events.”

When asked about the growing popularity of the Open Championship, which brought the need to the poll, on a Zoom call about the 150th Open, five-time champion Tom Watson said he felt R&A was trying to give viewers the best experience.

“I think, in the back of their mind, R&A understand it’s a tough path to follow golfers around and I don’t know if they want to limit the number of fans that come there but I know they have more fans want to come in there than they can The session is held.

“In the background, I think R&A is thinking, ‘Well, we’d better do that to give the fans a good experience. ”

Tickets for the 150 Open course cost £95 for adults on tournament days and range from £20 to £50 on training days. Free tickets for children will continue to be available, while those aged 16 to 24 will be able to purchase at half price.

R&A says that to give as many people as possible a chance to attend, weekly tickets have been discontinued.

Images courtesy of R&A

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