Sacramento Kings news: Is it time to move on from Marvin Bagley III?

The Sacramento Kings And Marvin Bagley III has had a tumultuous relationship since being named Duke Producer No. 2 in 2018 NBA Draft.

Former General Manager Vlad Divac & Co. I decided Bagley would be the ideal choice along with De’Aaron Fox to give the franchise two key pieces in the long run. Divac has ditched soon-to-be League Player of the Year candidates Luka Donjic and Tra Young to land at Bagley, a decision that will haunt the franchise for years to come.

Bagley wasn’t exactly fond of his time in Sacramento. He recently liked a tweet suggesting royalty should trade him and his dad He got into it with Fox’s father والد earlier in the season.

The 22-year-old missed 108 games during his first three seasons. Bagley’s career numbers are well above average at 14.5 points and 7.3 rebounds per game, but that’s below expectations for a player named second overall.

McNair could be looking to move Bagley this off season, but ، Jason Jones From The Athletic says a return of the Force forward would be disappointing at this point.

The problem is that Bagley’s value around the league isn’t where teams are looking to give up so much to get it. It’s no secret that Bagley was available on the trade deadline, but the Kings never received the kind of offer that made the deal worthwhile. One league executive told me that two of the second-round picks are all about what they could see parting with Bagley’s addition.

Bagley had consistency issues at both ends of the floor. He showed flashes of his potential as a top scorer but didn’t use his athletic style to be a difference-maker on the glass and defensive end.

He averaged fewer rebounds than Dončić, and his defensive rating of 116.5 was the third worst of any Kings player to have appeared in over 30 games.

McNair has been dogged by maintaining financial flexibility going forward, which may be another reason to move from Bagley. He is set to earn over $11 million next season and will receive a new contract after the 2021-22 campaign.

The Kings have to decide if Bagley is worth the drama. He was not satisfied with the system and was not satisfied with his role under coach Luke Walton. Bagley has removed any mention of playing Sacramento in his social media bio and it appears that it has been pulled.

But if McNair decides to sell low at Bagley in the off-season, it may come back to bite the franchise. Bagley has never reached more than 26 minutes per game over his three seasons, but his numbers at every 36 minutes are eye-opening.

Bagley comes in for every 36 minutes of his career at 20.5 points and 10.6 rebounds, according to the Basketball Reference. So McNair and Walton have to decide whether the lack of opportunity is hurting Bagley’s performance.

However, the eye test was not kind to Bagley. He often appears unrelated to the defensive end and is a below-average edge protector for a player with his athletic prowess.

It would be great to see how McNair handles Bagley’s situation this off season. Kings can supply him with pick number 9 for some immediate help or look to keep him in the hopes of having a great season.


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