“The Pink Dream” Alex Gracia has received his place in ROH’s women’s title tournament

All the hard work that “The Pink Dream” that Alex Gracia has put in has finally paid off!

Gracia received her ticket to gold this week at the Women’s Division on Wednesday when Maria Kanellis Bennett presented her with this opportunity to participate in the upcoming ROH Women’s Title Tournament. Gracia also took part in today’s match as she faced Gia Scott.

This was not the first time we have seen Gracia in a female division Wednesday match, however, the last time she did not succeed. She faced Willow on June 2nd. Willow impressed Maria enough to get her ticket at the time. Since then, Gracia has been working to reach out to Maria to get another chance to prove herself. This time, she was able to do just that when she took Gia Scott down. She hit the beautiful nightmare to get the needle.

Maria went on zoom afterwards to give Gracia the good news.

Gracia joins the following people in the tournament so far:

Vita VonStarr was in the tournament, but she was unable to comply with the provision that Maria had placed on her. It was to not interfere in the men’s fights, and VonStarr could not keep that promise. So she’s out.

Several of these women have competed in the Women’s Division Wednesday matches. And while these are not qualifying matches, many have impressed Maria enough to take part in the tournament.

For those who do not know Gia Scott, she is currently the MCW Pro Wrestling Women’s Champion from Baltimore, Maryland. She has held the title for 551 days and is a three-time champion of promotion. This championship has been held by names like Mickie James, Melina, Renee Michelle, Kimber Leeand Brittany Blake.

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