There is a way to move forward in Super Rugby that is simple and exciting

The way forward in Super Rugby is simple and exciting.

First, you must play Super Rugby AU and Super Rugby Aotearoa with six teams on a home-and-away basis with a semi-final and a final.

Second, the two winners must play each other in a game of “Super Bowl” to determine the Super Rugby champion. A week off will follow.

Third, the top four teams must join all Super Rugby teams in a 16-team knockout competition over four weeks. Each team plays for survival and shoots for glory.

It’s an 18 week season with plenty of peak events.

It fits perfectly into the window available before the July tests each year.

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The Super Rugby AU Final and Super Rugby Aotearoa will be played in a crowded house every year, as will the “Super Bowl” game.

The four-week knockout competition will grab the attention of just the average spectator as well, if not better, the NRL and AFL Finals in Australia.

Teams will try to win all three titles in one year. Legends will be created.

The best Japanese teams will participate in a meaningful way.

Ratings will be through the roof. Broadcasters will pay a lot of money.

Australia will better retain its talents and even begin to win the hearts and minds of young boys and girls.

It will also create more interest in the Bledisloe Cup every year.

A Super Bowl and knockout competition would be enough to satisfy the Australian teams’ desire to test themselves against New Zealand teams every year. And New Zealand will realize that Super Rugby Aotearoa is doing them no harm but start loving it. It may just become known as the best homegrown competition in the world.

Australia and New Zealand will become best friends.

All this talk about Super Rugby AU and Super Rugby Aotearoa is getting boring because teams play each other four times is nonsense. No teams will play each other four times in Super Rugby AU or Super Rugby Aotearoa. In any home-and-away competition, teams play each other twice.

The only teams that may meet for the third time are the three teams that make it to the finals. But since these games are finals, they’re a lot more exciting than the regular season matches, so no one is worried that they’ve actually met twice before.

New Zealand teams won’t even need to play demo matches against each other, because they can play with Australian teams in demo matches. Anyway, the seasons of Super Rugby AU and Super Rugby Aotearoa are only 13 weeks long. It’s too short to be boring.

This way forward you will create a simple and exciting match every year. It’s a foolproof way to engage the majority of fans. It is the best way to capture the Australian market. It is the most competitive way to organize competitions where fans of each team believe they have a fighting chance.

The Australian teams will continue to test themselves against the New Zealand teams, and the best Japanese teams compete with all Super Rugby teams, not just some.

This is the way forward in Super Rugby.

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