2 important offseason moves the Seahawks still need to make

The Seahawks will focus on defending their NFC West crown, but those at the front office still have work to do on the personnel side.

The Seattle Seahawks endured a tumultuous offseason defined by the saga involving the franchise quarterback Russell Wilson.

But no matter what complaints Wilson had with the organization apparently put to bed, at least for now, the Seahawks can focus on preparing to defend an NFC West title that they will surely face a tough challenge in the top division. in football.

In fact, the Los Angeles Ram’s favorites are too many to win the West after defeating the Seahawks in the playoffs last season, while the 2019 NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers expected to jump from an injury-ravaged 2020 and Arizona Cardinals looms as dangerous potential rivals.

Although the goal of Pete Carroll and his coaching staff is to best prepare his team to address these threats, in the front office there is work to be done to keep two key elements of the list under contract in the long term.

The Seahawks had only three choices in the draft and did not have the opportunity to do much to help their long-term future this offseason, but their short-term prospects will be significantly brighter if they can lock the services of two integrated pieces that were crucial to Seattle took over the division crown last year.

And with training camp on the horizon at the end of the month, there is likely to be pressure on John Schneider and Co. to have offers completed before the start of the season.

Here we look at two important moves that the Seahawks still need to make before the 2021 campaign starts.

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