Biggest concerns around 2021 Eagles

I do not know about you, but I find myself in an unusual place when I think of the Eagles’ biggest concerns. It’s usually easy to look at their roster at this time of year, point to an obvious area of ​​weakness, and find yourself emphasizing how that mistake could free up the team’s entire season.

However, I am not really in the mental space. Don’t get me wrong, I know CB2 is one huge hole to be fixed. But unlike most years, I just am not aware that the Eagles are seriously competing for a title in 2021. So instead, I find myself thinking of more long-term concerns as they still relate to the upcoming season.

I touched on some of the very worrying things in latest BGN Radio podcast. My partner in crime, Jimmy Kempski, talked about several of the short-term issues (such as the cornerback position), which he also addressed in writing in his annual ”10 reasons why the Eagles are becoming a waste fire this season. ”

But before you accuse us of just being too negative, note that we’ll be back with “reasons to be excited about the 2021 Eagles!” for our next podcast. So far, those of you who are not podcasts can read about some of my own Eagles concerns in writing.

1) Howie Roseman is probably safe no matter what.

Excluding an unequivocal disaster in which the Eagles become the first team in NFL history to go 0-17, it does not appear that Roseman is in danger of losing his job. Jeffrey Lurie already set the stage for lowered expectations by saying the Eagles are in a “real transition period” that is “not unlike 2016.”

An important difference from 2016, however, was that Roseman returned to power to correct the mess that Chip Kelly created. This time, Roseman is tasked with coming up with solutions to self-created problems. And it is natural to think that if he actually had the right answers, the Eagles would not be in the bad shape they are currently in.

Fair to Roseman, he did successfully hit the right buttons five years ago. He created one super Bowl master before and maybe he can do it again by getting this iteration of the birds back on track.

But there is reasonable concern that Lurie is just wasting time hesitating to move on from his longtime general manager. And even though the Eagles are showing promise this year, to what extent can we really trust that a bright future is around the corner? What if another series of bad offseason (s) are simply waiting for us instead?

Seeing Roseman ultimately blamed for the 2020 season was pretty frustrating. It will only get even more if the Eagles continue to fight and Lurie continues to keep Roseman over disgrace.

2) Jalen Hurts entices the Eagles to go into the quarterback purgatory.

For most teams, at worst, seeing your starting quarterback play as the worst quarterback in the NFL (relative feeling). Not so for the 2021 Eagles! Of course, it’s not ideal if Hurts is really really bad in his first season as a full-time starter. But at least the Eagles would know for sure that they need to move on from him and find a new long-term opportunity. And thanks to Roseman’s maneuver, the Eagles potentially have three first-round picks in 2022 NFL Draft to help them quickly turn away from Hurts.

But what if Hurts is not super awful, but also not super awesome? He’s too good for the Eagles to easily move on from him, but not good enough to inspire confidence as a quarterback in championship caliber? Quarterback Purgatory is one of the worst places to be in the NFL. Just look Las Vegas Raiders with Derek Carr or Minnesota Vikings with Kirk Cousins.

It hurts to fall somewhere between really bad and really good feels like a realistic outcome this year, which means the team may have a tough decision to make his long-term viability. The idea here is that the Eagles have a high barrier to what the Hurts have to accomplish this season. They look very good to move on if he does not erase all doubt about him. But maybe the decision will be muddled if his teammates and coaches and Eagles fans really end up loving him? Maybe the front office ends up being broken on a quarterback decision? Hi, this would certainly not be the first team the people in charge were not on the same page.

One can only hope that Hurts keep it simple for the Eagles and play either really well (most ideal result!) Or really badly, so the decision is easier for them.

Again, you can check out the rest of our biggest concerns in pod form. Our question to you is: What are YOUR biggest concerns about Eagles?

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