Djokovic beats Wildcard to advance at Wimbledon

world number. 1 And beat defending champion Novak Djokovic 25 Aces in his own 4-6And the 6-1And the 6-2And the 6-2 Victory over the British 19Jack Draper, the one-year-old wildcard.

Djokovic won in two hours in his first match on Center Court two years ago.

He was Djokovic’s personal best with an aces in a Wimbledon match. In the 2021 Australian Open, in the second round match, he was his best أفضل 26.

Draper, who is six-foot-four, has two big wins recently (Public and Sinner) on grass in Queens and made an impressive debut at Wimbledon.

It was the first match at the Center Stadium in 700 days. Draper was playing the biggest game of his life.

In the first set, Draper was great. He was aggressive in his submission, and he won 84% of the first transmission points. There was one break, and it happened early.

at 1-All draper break in 30. Both men held onto the rest of the group, though Djokovic grabbed more easily. Draper saved seven of seven break points while Djokovic saved one of two.

at 5-4And the 40-15thDraper took over the group with a massive T-shaped downward sending that was irreversible.

The crowd cheered. If nothing else Draper did, he took the first set in the opening match at Wimbledon from perhaps the greatest player of all time.

The only problem for Djokovic was that he was slipping on the new green grass.

Djokovic said with a slight laugh in his court interview: “To be honest, I don’t remember falling on the court too many times.

Well its quite slippery, I don’t know if it was because the roof was closed or it rained a lot in the last few days.

Obviously, it is a great honor to walk to this court. For me, the most special stadium, I always dreamed of playing Wimbledon, and winning Wimbledon one day when I was a kid growing up in Serbia.

So I try not to take anything for granted every time I step into this court. You feel the history, you feel the tradition.

It is clearly very different from clay. I’ve had an amazing Roland Garros. Very pleased with that. I hope to work on my movement and slip a little bit maybe on the grass.”

The crowd laughed. Djokovic laughed. “Because it doesn’t seem to work very well on that surface.”

Although Draper continued to play well with aces and incredible angles, Djokovic, having settled on his feet, escaped with the next three sets.

After that, Draper received a standing ovation. When he left, he took one last look at the Central Court. You can imagine the memory he was making. He will never forget this moment.

It was a great moment for all of us: the lucky fans who were there; Those who watch Wimbledon on screens all over the world; And Djokovic, too.

When asked how it felt to be back on the main court with a victory and the fans, Djokovic said: “It’s a great feeling to see everyone and to come back, perhaps the most special and most sacred tennis court in the world.”


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