Down, but still a record

If history is any guide, blog readers in the past months will end up being the lowest for 2021. As I mentioned this time last monthMay had the fewest pageviews of any given year. June was a little less than May this time. It seems like a sign that things are finally back in a more normal fashion this year.

However, last month was still a record. This year saw over 20,000 pageviews in June for the first time ever. This is a 30% gain from 2020, which was the best previously.

Here are the most popular posts for June:

  1. Volleyball camp training and games
  2. volleyball group diagram
  3. How to teach arm lift for beginners in volleyball
  4. Volleyball practice ideas
  5. Volleyball hitter pin – what is it?

This year’s total pageview continues to be over 40% above previous best levels. This keeps the blog in line to redeem 300,000 this year for the first time.

It will be really interesting to see what happens in the future. July in general sees an increase in traffic as people run camps and start looking at exams and generally start planning for the next season On average, visits in July are about 30% more than in June.

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