The Best and Worst New Homefield Features of Madden NFL

One of the big features of Madden NFL 22 It is the addition of “homefield perks,” which are unique edges awarded to teams when they play at home. On Thursday, EA Sports released the benefits for all 32 . NFL teams, which range from passive boosts to stamina, to really game-changing abilities that would be infuriating to play against.

Let’s dive into some of Homefield’s best and worst perks so you can prepare your team for fall – or just grieve because you got something as bad as the Bears. Poor bears.

Best: Saints

This would be a nightmare for teams with only one elite receiver. The prospect of getting a diversion play just to make the receiver turn a wheel or some other stupid play can be exhausting.

Worst: Cowboys

cowboys -

Nobody rides in Madden. And if so, not often.

The best: the packets

packers -

That’s a whole lot of features rolled into one. I’m interested to see how this “harder time changing direction” might come about. Washington has a similar advantage, but it seems that this can become very annoying while playing in high school.

Worst: Bears

bears -

This is the worst feature in the NFL. I’m sorry bears fans…but this is just sad.

Best: Browns/Steelers (same feature)

browns -

Highways are a key element of online play to take down opponents, and the chance of them failing – or confusing recipients and burning time is excellent.

Worst: Titans

titans -

Unless there is some funny change in the pace of sanctions being imposed in Madden NFL 22 This does not make sense functionally. She may only appear once or twice in 20 matches.

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