The rules of golf explained: My ball hit a sign on the green and got in – you count?

Did the ball mark get in the way of your shot? Here’s what our golf grammar expert says should happen

We’ve been focusing on golf rules around the green in recent weeks and this obviously got many of you thinking.

Richard Stratford is one of many who have contacted a diverse group on the subject…

I saw this a few days ago and no one knew the ruling. One of our four balls was thrown and the hit drifted off the line, hit a marker near the hole, changed direction and got in!

“If it wasn’t for hitting a marker, he wouldn’t have gone in the hole. It doesn’t seem right but since it wasn’t a ‘serious’ game it was allowed but there must be a referee who will punish it somehow?”

Golf Rules Explained: Our Expert Says…

Well, there is a rule that covers it but it is not a penalty. Indeed, in this case, the ball is confined.

There is an exception to Rule 11-1b Which says when a moving ball hits a ball mark on the putting green, the hit counts and the ball should play as it is. In this case, it’s in the hole, so write the result down and go forward.

Of course before a stroke, a player whose ball marker might help or interfere with it could move it out of her way if it was their own, using Rule 15.3 c, or, if the tag belongs to another player, ask that player to move it.

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Despite the simplification of the rules of golf at the beginning of 2019, there are still some that leave us confused. as me Passed Level 2 Grammar Exam in R&A With distinction, I am very happy to be of assistance.

If you have emailed me and have not received a response from me yet, I will try to answer your query. I’ve had a lot of requests in recent weeks and I’m working hard to try and get through them but it may take a while!

In recent weeks, I have received a number of emails from players hoping to intervene in a dispute over club rules. For fairly obvious reasons, I can’t do that and will direct these players either to their district or to the rules department of R&A for a final verdict.

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