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How Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy ranks in a fan poll

How much do you trust Mike McCarthy? That’s a big question for Cowboy fans going forward. When McCarthy was hired, there was already some division about him. On the one hand, he had won one super Bowl and had it Green Bay Packers as perennial participants in the big game. There was a lot of success in Green Bay. On the other hand, his departure was pretty rootless, and there were discussions about whether he was actually holding Aaron Rodgers back with an offense that did not maximize his skills.

Still, Dallas needed a shake-up after Jason Garrett’s long run, and McCarthy came out a year back to the drawing board to reinvent himself in a modern-day coach. He reevaluated everything and seemed to incorporate all the best things he could find. He would be an experienced hand for the Cowboys, who also used analytics and other groundbreaking concepts to guide Dallas.

Then 2020 happened. The Cowboys fell flat and could not even win a terrible NFC East. Sure, COVID and injuries made the first year head coach job so much harder. Even with all this, there was still a sense that McCarthy was underperforming.

So where does that leave him in the eyes of fans today? conducted a survey of each NFL’s team fan to get a sense of how they felt about their coach. The Cowboys’ feelings for McCarthy are certainly in the middle of nowhere.

When asked: Which NFL coach likes best of their own fans?

McCarthy placed 16th, right in the middle of the league. Bruce Arians of Tampa Bay topped the list (no surprise there given their Super Bowl victory). What’s a little surprising is Joe Judge of the New York Giants ranked third in liking its own fanbase. Giant fans must really like what they see. Despite winning the NFC East, Washington fans ranked only Ron Rivera as 25th and new Philadelphia Eagles coach Nick Sirianni likes death at the end of his own fanbase.

The next question was: Which NFL fans have the most confidence in their coach?

McCarthy is again in the middle with a 17th place finish. Joe Judge comes in fifth, while Ron Rivera jumps up to 16th. Nick Sirianni was 30th in this category.

The final questions were: Which NFL coach is the best decision maker?

McCarthy falls to 18th in this category, while judge is fourth, Rivera is 15th and Sirianni is 30th.

Taken from this survey, it appears that New York Giants fans love what they see from Joe Judge. Both Mike McCarthy and Ron Rivera received mixed reviews, while new Eagles coach Nick Sirianni has no confidence in his fan base at all.

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