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International Women’s Snooker Group to celebrate 40th Anniversary

On July 31, 1981, after a period of uncertainty regarding the future of the women’s rink, the historic decision to form the Women’s World Billiards and Snooker Association was made by a panel of seven that included Mandy Fisher One of the finalists at that year’s World Championships.

Now, nearly 40 years later, WWS is proud to celebrate a history that has seen more than 320 events staged during that time, including more than 630 singles tournaments for women and girls worldwide.

With Fisher continuing as President today and supported by WPBSA since 2015, the WWS Tour has grown exponentially in recent years, with tournaments held around the world and players from 29 countries currently in the rankings.

Because of this growth, the tour has been recognized by the professional game, with the ring announced as the Becoming an official track eligible for the World Snooker Tour for the first time.

But WWS also appreciates that thanks to the support and dedication of all players, officials and others who have contributed to the Tour over the past 40 years this milestone has been reached.

Therefore, over the coming weeks, WWS is excited to be able to celebrate its history and learn about the great champions who helped put women’s snooker on the map during that time.

WWS will be running a series of features on its website to celebrate the history of the tour, greats past and present, as well as more news at future championships As the department prepares to resume this fall.

WWS is also looking to introduce new records and stats, officially compiled to produce a track record of tournament history for the first time.

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