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John McEnroe’s “disgusting” remark by Emma Raducano

John McEnroe has been heavily criticized for his comments about Emma Raducano. Photo: Getty

John McEnroe has been widely condemned in the tennis world for his insensitive comments he made Emma Radocano’s sad exit from Wimbledon.

Raducanu was forced to retire during the second set From the fourth round match with Agla Tomljanovic on Monday due to breathing difficulties.

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Tomljanovic reached her all-time Grand Slam quarter-final, but admitted she was “really sad” for the ailing British teenager Raducano.

The 18-year-old, who became Britain’s new darling with her fantasy novel to the Round of 16, had to pull out when she trailed 6-3 3-0 to Australian No. 2 in a late evening game on Court 1.

The devastating scenes left fans and critics sad, but many were left outraged by McEnroe’s comments in the comment.

Comment on BBC, the great American tennis player noted that Radocano was overwhelmed by the situation.

“It’s a shame. I feel bad for Emma. He seems to have gotten a lot, which is understandable,” he said.

“It makes you look at guys and girls who have been around for so long and wonder how they’re dealing with it. We hope you learn from this experience.”

“Maybe it is not a shame that this is happening now when she was 18 years old. I played this tournament at the age of 18 and in a way I was glad I lost it.

“She was able to understand what it would take to make this happen. Allow her to take a few deep breaths and maybe get some wildcards.”

Emma Raducano, pictured here, leaves the field during her match against Agla Tomljanovic at Wimbledon.

Emma Raducano leaves the field during her match against Agla Tomljanovic at Wimbledon. (Photo by Ben Stansall/AFP via Getty Images)

John McEnroe criticized the “disgusting” comments.

McEnroe’s comments were like a balloon major, with dozens of fans and commentators blasting him.

Journalist Chloe Hubbard wrote on Twitter: “I feel like the producers could have given McEnroe a better mental health briefing before he shared all the opinions out there. But you do.”

Broadcaster Harriet Minter wrote: “Listen to John McEnroe’s comment about Emma Raducano. Two things: 1. Is he drunk? 2. Is there anything more annoying than a man telling a woman she didn’t hurt her that she’s just sentimental? No, there isn’t. Please ask him to stop.”

Former rugby union star Christian Day wrote: “McEnroe looks like a former player who now sits in the corner of a club bar and tells anyone who will listen that he is bullshit compared to his day.”

Others described the comments as “disgusting” and “horrific”.

Raducanu’s problems seemed to start as early as the second set, when she started holding her stomach.

She was treated by a coach and a doctor, and had to walk out of court to get treatment for a complaint that appeared to surface at the start of the second set.

The world number 338, who had played only one round match prior to her impressive Wimbledon career, wasn’t good enough to get back on the court.

“I’m really sorry for her, I wish we could have finished her. I wish her all the best,” Tomljanovic told the audience, acknowledging how shocked she was.

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