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Match 2021 Format Explained: Modified swing shot, scoring, and other golf rules

Previous versions of “The Match” were complex from a scoring standpoint as the event was used to test different formats and rules in live play.

Things are a little simpler in Match 4.

Phil Mickelson, Bryson DeChambeau, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers will compete in the 18-hole round. They will use a modified alternate shooting rule set to determine who hits the ball each time.

I’ve covered the Sports News in detail on the rules, format and scoring system to use in Match Four.

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The rules and format of “Match 4”

“Match 4” will keep things simple as they are. The competition between team Phil Mickelson-Tom Brady and pairing Bryson DeChambeau-Aaron Rodgers will be a matching game in a modified alternate format.

Previous iterations of “The Match” included different sets of rules. In “Match 2”, the first nine holes were the best ball while the last nine were modified with the alternative shot. The charity event organizers apparently decided that a modified alternate shot was the best format for this competition as it would appear in all 18 holes of the 2021 event.

What is a golf swing adjustment?

In a modified alternate shot match play, partners will take turns hitting the same ball into a hole, but both players instead of one will shoot. The player who did not take the best shot from the tee will play the second shot, and the teams will continue to exchange shots until the end of the hole. The team with the fewest hits combined will win the hole.

What is game play in golf?

Match play is a style of play in which a player or team earns points for every hole they use fewer hits than their opponent. For example, if team A combines to make a 2 under level in a hole while team B combines to shoot a 1 under, then team A will get the point. The stroke count resets each hole, so the total strokes combined during the 18-hole event don’t matter. It’s all about the number of holes a player or team wins.

Most professional golf tournaments use a two-stroke game, but the Ryder Cup and the Presidents Cup are both prime examples of match play in action.

How does game play recording work?

In a match game, a player or team is awarded a point for every hole they win. If they miss a hole, they are awarded zero points. If two players or teams are tied on a hole, each is awarded half a point. The player or team with the most points at the end of the round is the winner, although it is possible for a sports team to win before that.

There is usually a sudden death playoff if players are tied after 18 holes in play. It happened in the first edition of “The Match” in 2018. Phil Mickelson Need 4 more holes to hit Tiger Woods.

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