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Rivals250 RB Nick Singleton Aheads Today’s Commitment

250 rivals running backward Nick Singleton Willing to make his commitment after official visits to him in June. The Pennsylvania native narrowed his options AlabamaAnd the our ladyAnd the Pennsylvania stateAnd the Texas A&M, And the Wisconsin He gives us an overview of why each team had a chance to get their commitment today.


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In his words…

“I was thinking about what I want in my school, like a great coaching staff, how they use their backs to run, great relationships between players, a great football program, and the academics,” Singleton said.

Alabama- “Obviously Alabama is a good football program,” he said. “The coaching staff, when I got there, they were amazing, especially Coach Saban. I knew Coach Gillespie from North Carolina So I’ve always had a great relationship with him. The players there were good and the campus is beautiful. Alabama is a really great school and makes a great debut.”

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Our Lady- “I’ve been talking to Notre Dame for a while,” Singleton said. “Coach Kelly, Coach Taylor, Coach Reese all are really great. The entire coaching staff is amazing. I’ve been there twice for a game. They’ve been preaching that I’m my number one priority on running back. I have a great relationship with the players, especially with them.” Keren Williams. When I went there for official work he was really nice and praised Coach Taylor.”

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Pennsylvania state- “I really like how they use their backs to run,” he said. “Obviously, you can see running backs in the NFL like I will be Barclay And the Miles Sanders. The coaching staff is amazing and very close to home.

“Everything that happened Brown’s Journey “It affected me a lot because you never know when your last game could happen,” said Singleton. “He was really good so he could have been in the league and that motivates me to keep working even harder.”

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Texas A&M- “The technical staff is amazing,” he said. “I spoke with Coach T-Rob for a while. He’s a really good coach. He told me I’m his number one priority in running backwards too. Coach Fisher and everything was great there. He’s really good. School.”

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Wisconsin- “The coaching staff in Wisconsin is clearly amazing,” said Singleton. “They do the same thing as Penn State and Notre Dame. I’m their number one priority in running back. The numbers they give, I can keep doing that forever. The guys, when I went there for my official visit, it was great too. It was a great visit.”

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Competitors’ reaction…

Singleton is one of the country’s top defenders and it’s clear that schools across the country want him in the background. These official visits were very useful for Singleton as he tried to see which team would be the best fit for him. This race is down to Notre Dame and Pennsylvania and it will be interesting to see if Pennsylvania is able to hold another potential home within the state.

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