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Gilbert on DJ rooftops, mini tractors and climbing arrangement

David Gilbert enjoyed a summer of tractor building, golf and DJs, but now Tamworth Koeman has his eyes set on a return to the world’s top 16.

By his own admission, Gilbert, a former World Championship semi-finalist, struggled to adapt to the reality of the pandemic during the first half of the 2020/21 season. The turn of the year sparked a new approach and saw him embark on an impressive run to the semi-finals of the Masters Tournament, defeating Joe Perry and Keren Wilson before pulling out against John Higgins.

Gilbert finished the season with a solid first-round performance at Crucible, defeating Chris Wakelin 10-4. However, he took a 13-8 lead in the second round against world number one Judd Trump. The season concluded with Gilbert losing his 16th place in the top 16 and ending the campaign 23rd in the world.

Although Gilbert is now focused on reclaiming his place in the elite game of snooker, his priority has been to enjoy a busy summer away from pool.

Gilbert said, “I was just relaxing. I played a lot of golf. I was playing a few years ago, but got away with it. I went in and bought every newest and coolest set, so now I’m an idiot with all the gear and have no idea. I’m playing terribly, But I’m really enjoying it.I’ve been on a trip to Wales with the family and going to St Ives, which was and would be nice.I actually started practicing again and I was really into it, but I found out about Covid and it was very annoying.Fortunately I came out of isolation right Now “.

Former potato farmer Gilbert has a family background in farming and this seems to have influenced his daughter Taylor, who has developed a passion for tractors.

gilb pic -

Daughter Gilbert Taylor with Grandpa Kevin and Grandma June.

Gilbert decided it was only right to embark on a summer project to build her own Taylor tractor. His first job was to buy a seat on the lawn mower and with the help of his father Kevin, he converted it into a mini tractor.

“My little daughter is obsessed with trains and tractors, anything like that. I suppose it runs in the blood. My dad’s hobby is restoring old vintage tractors, so I bought an old lawn mower and got him to do it for her. They gave it a try,” 40-year-old Gilbert explained. My father is a bit of a project because he is retired.

“I bought all the pieces and he completely restored my mini lawn mower tractor. He just stripped everything to bare metal and gave it a full paint job. It took about a month, but in the old days when he was a proper shepherd he would have done it within a week, and pulled it out Although he’s serious, he did a really good job.

We go on little rides in the driveway behind us and she absolutely loves it. We call it Little Bud, because the biggest tractor in the world is called Big Bud. We just need to get a trailer, so when our guys here start coming in we can drag them along the track and charge 50 A penny on the ride!”

Gilbert is known to have One of the most popular songs in the ring with Insomnia by Faithless. The four-time rated finalist is a big fan of House and trance and uses it to excite himself in his hotel room before matches, as well as to relax away from the match pitch. In light of this, Gilbert’s wife’s dad surprised him on his storied birthday.

Yes, my lady surprised me at the age of fortyThe tenth birthday. I always joked that I wanted to be a little DJ and go on decks. I was shocked to open and find these big presses. The best subwoofers money can buy, that are pretty loud, and a set of decks. I’ve been messing about the floors, but I need some pointers. There’s a local weird guy calling himself DJ Neville Bartos. I’ll give him some snooker lessons in exchange for deck lessons! Hopefully in a month or two I’ll be able to improve it a little bit. Maybe if there are World Snooker Awards again, I might play in them.

“If I can solve the problem and learn what to do I’m always ready to party so it would be great to take the decks somewhere and move it around. Maybe I’ll put them on the back of a tractor or something and walk around with them playing. Could be DJ Farmer playing in Ushuaia in Ibiza In the year 2023!

“Before games I’ve been playing music and playing old school classics, a bit of house and a bit of euphoria. I put it on when I shower and get ready. It just pumps me up a bit. You know what it’s like, when you’re at a bar and the music moves your feet and you smile a little bit. I’m just working on lifting. level and preparation for the match.

AY0I9175 -In terms of day job, Gilbert faces a serious challenge if he wishes to return to the top 16 in the world rankings. A difficult first half of last season affected his drop to world number 23, but he is now aiming to take a renewed stance next season and move down the ranking ladder once again.

“Last season was clearly disappointing, probably for a lot of people with all the things related to Covid. Everything changed a lot. I just didn’t adjust to what was happening at all. It was all my own failures really. I wasn’t with him at all at all. The first half of the season, I might have been better off staying at home, which is weird.

“From Masters onwards I put a lot of time and effort into it. I worked with a mind coach called Nick Davies to help free my head and did a lot with Steve Finney at the table. I’m not back as good as I can play, but he was definitely a lot better. From running the world championship.I had a good win in the first game but a bad second session against Judd cost me.It was good to get the win in the first round at the Crucible although I really enjoyed playing in front of the crowd.

“I was looking forward to training again, because I missed hitting the balls. It was just as painful as I was going to Covid, but I’m looking forward to training again now. Being in the 16 is killing me a bit. We lost some huge championships in China, and it cost me The money I’ve been defending is really there. Going forward, I want to get back to 16th in first place. I really love being there and want it back. I’m hungry and motivated. It’s a massive challenge, but it was an honor to be among the top 16 players in the world and I felt like I was. Right there. It will be very difficult to get my place back and catch the players up front, but I will do my best.”

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