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Golf Business News – All regulations go to the grass festival

The Prime Minister’s announcement on July 5 regarding updated plans to open the country has improved things well for Grass Festival As BIGGA’s inaugural summer event gets the green light to become the first industry fair to be held somewhere after closing.

With members of BIGGA keen to reunite at this summer’s event following the cancellation of BTME in January, the Turf Festival will be a gathering of turf managers from across the UK, joined by some of the industry’s leading commercial backers.

The latest update released by the Prime Minister on Monday July 5 detailed how face masks will no longer be a legal requirement and social distancing rules will be repealed on July 19, two days before the festival takes place.

Measures such as increased cleaning, hand sanitizer stations and good ventilation will remain in place for the festival, which has received Good to Go accreditation. The Prime Minister’s reaffirmation of the roadmap for exiting the lockdown is a wonderful step towards normalcy, giving additional confidence that the festival will be a great success.

Joining the Festival of Turf lineup on the opening day of the event will be Carl McDermott, Head of Lands at Lords and John Ledwidge, Land Manager at Leicester City FC, who will be at the Festival of Turf theater for Q&A sessions with Martin Smart of Turf Business, the event’s official media partners.

Anna Nelson, irrigation technician at The Belfry and social media networker, will manage BIGGA’s Twitter and Instagram channels for the festival. As a special social media ambassador, Anna will be documenting the day’s events, so be sure to say hi if you see her.

Go to Grass Festival Pages on the BIGGA website for details on exhibitors and some of the other events that will make the Grass Festival the main event of this summer.

Pre-registration is a must, so open an account now And book your place at the Grass Festival.

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