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Hurcacz returns to reach Wimbledon quarter-finals

Hurkac defeats Medvedev 2-6And the 7-6And the 3-6And the 6-3And the 6-3 Reaching the quarter-finals of Wimbledon

Twenty-five-year-old Daniil Medvedev from Russia achieved a high career rating of #2 And I got to the tour 16 At Wimbledon for the first time. The two-time Grand Slam finalist last week won his first grasscourt title in Mallorca, his second this season (Marseille). He showed tremendous resilience in the round, coming back from two sets to defeat 2017 Marin Cilic, who reached the Wimbledon final.

24-year-old Hubert Hurkacz from Poland is having the best season of his young career, winning two titles – Delay Beach and Miami Open-A Masters 1000 Event. the world #18 He didn’t drop a set or lose serve in the All England Club and like his opponent, he arrived 4Tour for the first time.

Hurkacz won the bowl and was elected to serve, holding on easily 15th Although missing 4/5 First serve. Medvedev opened with bass and loved 1-1 With the winner of the cross forehand.

Hurkacz continued his erratic serve and cost it as he faced five tie points and three break points and served for the first time in two weeks when Medvedev fired a superb forehand down the line.

The Russians boosted the first half 3-1 When the backhand of his opponent sailed for a long time. Hurkacz غاب missed 3/5 Serve first but hold 15th With a great backhand kick and a backhand foul of his opponent in consecutive points.

Medvedev continued to impress when he hit his second ace and three winners with superb forehands on consecutive points to hold. 4-2. The 14The first seed made four unintended fouls including a double fault to drop the serve for the second time.

Medvedev closed the group to his love 30 Minutes when Hurkacz overcooked back. It was an absolutely clinical performance out of the world #2 He also dictated the playing of each section of the playing field.

Hurkacz sent first in the second and while he made a double foul, he caught it easily 15th to 1-0. The 2021 The Australian Open finalist continued to amaze with exceptional movement and hit the ball as he caught it 15th to 1-1 With the third ace.

Hurkacz started to find his rhythm in the transmission, holding on 30 to 2-1 With a huge one above the tee. Medvedev missed 4/6 Serve first but hold 30 With a great shot from the backhand on the game point.

Hurkacz kept the scoreboard compressed as you stuck it 15th to 3-2. Medvedev upped the ante, holding on to love 3-3. Hurkacz escaped from danger in 30-30 When Medvedev missed a pass with perfect forehand strokes. Instead of facing his breaking point, he reached match point and turned when Medvedev passed a backhand.

The #2 Seed climbed to the line and quickly closedغلق 15th to level 4-4. Hurkacz, who introduces new balls, faced 0-30 and 2 points from the devil but managed to hold out 5-4 Sweet air. In order to stay in the group, Medvedev opened a bass, and although he donated the first

double error 15th to 5-5 When his opponent’s back widened.

Watch Hurkacz choppy backhand down the line whizzing at the first point of 11The game has been stuck 15th With the ace out wide, forcing his opponent to force a tiebreak. Medvedev did just that and in a flash, he kept the love back after his opponent sniffed back.

Hurkacz served first in the crusher and collected a 4-2 Leads after several unintended errors from Medvedev. Hurkacz never looked back when he shut off the breaker 7-2 With a superb forehand, an overhead crush, and a powerful serve in the last three points.

Medvedev served first in third place and reasserted his power by clinging to love 1-0. Hurkacz opened with a double fault and after a poorly executed shot, he faced a break point and dropped serve when he passed a forehand.

Medvedev boosted the first half 3-0 With a great backhand down the line. Hurkacz opened with a header and for the first time in a match held in love 1-3, while serving and shooting at game point.

Medvedev returned the beautiful, holding on to love 4-1. Hurkacz was in danger of dropping his serve when Medvedev earned a break point with a superb backhand down the line, but the Miami Open champion struggled and held it. 2-4.

Medvedev continued to play at a fast pace, holding on to love for the sixth time in the lead 5-2. Hurkacz managed to hold on despite facing a break point and forcing his opponent to serve up the group.

Medvedev maintained his aggression from both flanks and earned a break point with another unusual forehand on the line. Hurkacz got away with trouble with two powerful serves in the last two points. open file 9Match number ten with a great forehand winner and clinch the set 6-3 With an amazing pass on the front court.

Hurkacz served first in the fourth game and despite two back-to-back fouls on the ground, I stuck with him 15th to 1-0 With a clear backhand shot. Medvedev opened with a header and even though he threw his second double foul, he stuck to it 15th to 1-1.

Made by Hurkacz 4/6 First serve and keep 30 to 2-1 When Medvedev scored a backhand. It is clear that the Russians in the region stuck to 15th to 2-2 With penetrating ground strikes and sharp attacks.

Hurkacz, who sent in new balls, made three easy fouls but was late 3-2 Send a shot on the match point. Medvedev had a harder time catching it despite his powerful shots. He made many mistakes and faced a break point when he hit a ball. the world #2 A mind-boggling forehand hit down the line from the doubles alley, hooked up after Hurkacz and followed a five-point tie, smashing two backhands down the line on consecutive points to keep 3-3.

Hurkacz opened with a great forehand down the line and closed in front 15th to 4-3 with him 6Then it stopped playing because of the rain. The match resumed the next day on no. 1 Court with closed roof. Medvedev was flat and a bit distracted as he dropped his serve after several unintended errors. Hurcacz solidified the first half and took the fourth set with a long header.

Medvedev served first in the decisive set and despite his arrival 40-15thFace the break-even point before you stick to it 1-0 When Hurkacz made the return. Hurkacz kept moving forward including sending ball and volleyball to his love 1-1.

the world #2 He failed to find his rhythm off the ground and donated a double-fault to drop the serve when the squash forehand sailed long. Apparently disgusted with his performance since the match resumed, Medvedev hit his racket on the field before Hurkacz stepped up to serve.

Hurkacz boosted the break for 3-1 With an ace up a tee. Medvedev seemed to have regained his composure and concentration, as he scored three consecutive smashes to keep them. 15th to 2-3. Hurkacz, determined to keep the cunning Russian away, grabbed him 15th to 4-2 When his opponent overcooked a backhand on the line.

Although missing 5/10 Medvedev stuck to the first serve and made two consecutive non-compulsory fouls from the backhand 3-4 After two points, a tie with the winner is a cross forehand.

Hurkacz, after only two games of his Grand Slam quarter-finals, went on to deliver in a big way including another wide ace where he held onto the 15th to 5-3. Medvedev, sent to stay in the match, missed several fouls from the back wing and ceded the match, setting, and match when he scored and executed a poorly timed forehand.

For Daniil Medvedev, it was a disappointing ending after yesterday’s impressive performance. Hubert Hurkacz upped his game and kept his focus on winning a coveted spot in the quarter-finals where 8Wimbledon champion Roger Federer is waiting.

Medvedev may not want to analyze match stats. He finished with five fewer fouls, won more first and second serve points than his opponent, and finished with five more! This is not an anomaly. Just ask Roger Federer – or don’t ask – as he won 14 More points than Novak Djokovic but lost 2019 Wimbledon final.

(Source: AELTC/ Jade Lester / Getty Images Europe)


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