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On this day 2 years ago, Zion Williamson did this to Kevin Knox

That day was two years ago Zion Williamson He made his summer league debut for the New Orleans Pelicans, a day Kevin Knox would prefer to forget.

Zion has been the most intriguing since LeBron James, the man who created a huge amount of buzz with his thunderous snoring and inexplicable athleticism.

The league has never really seen a man like him, with Zion Williamson weighing in at 285 pounds. Yet somehow moves like a bouncer, and He can jump twice before most players can get off the ground.

It’s hard to believe that his summer league debut was already two years ago, although the Pelicans have already gone through two coaches since then and they Interviews are currently underway for a third of them.

But what a debut! Zion Williamson played in front of a crowded house and I doubt there was much excitement (or any actual excitement) for the Summer League game, which is usually boring affairs mostly aimed at coaches and scouts.

Zion impressed sold-out audiences and made one of his best to date and my personal favourite.

Swans: The Time Zion Williamson’s Doll Was Kevin Knox

Zion Williamson is no stranger to the highlight reel, in fact, he already has a file collect dunks That makes players’ greatest successes in disgrace.

But perhaps my favorite Zion highlight is this one, which came on July 6, 2019, where it showcases all that Zion is all about, raw power, agility, and immersed edge:

Knox actually blocked Zion Williamson’s shot multiple times during the same game, but unfortunately for him, most people only remember when Zion snatched the ball from his hands as if he was taking it from a kid, then nearly rips the edge off with a dip while Knox was still stunned and lying flat. On the ground, he watches like a helpless turtle.

The Pelicans haven’t had much success yet with Zion Williamson, so for now, we’re stuck in celebrating the anniversaries of some of his greatest plays.

Hopefully the Pelicans are ready to change all that and give us some Zion Williamson highlights that come from playoff wins, not summer league games.

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