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The entire England Cricket Squad is in isolation

The whole of England’s cricket group goes into isolation

Just to break the last few minutes, the entire England cricket team has to isolate itself because seven members of the team, i.e. three players and four members of the management team have tested positive for COVID-19, that seven of them have tested positive , so the rest obviously have to isolate themselves, and this two days before England have to play Pakistan in the start of a one-day international series with three 2020 matches coming after that.

What will they do? The series continues. They need the money so they choose right now they are working on it. Now a new team. They will, announce it in the next few years brand new team uh.

It will be captain of Ben Stokes who was not involved in the original team and the obvious players will of course be tested. Then the Pakistani players want what England have done is easy to ease the very tight bubble restrictions that have been worrying for some players about the players’ mental well-being.

You will be aware that athletes all over the world have had these kinds of problems, so cricket board CEO Tom Harrison says: quote uh, we have been aware that the emergence of the delta variants along with the move away from the strict enforcing biosafety environments could increase the chances of an outbreak, we made a strategic choice to try to adapt protocols to support the well-being of our players and management staff who have spent much of the last 14 months living in very limited conditions, but there is obviously a risk with it and they are now paying the price a group wants to be isolated and right now they are working on calling a new one up.

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