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Tokyo Olympics: Physio Evangeline to accompany Sindh

For B. Evangeline, this will be a different Olympic debut. Rio Olympics silver medalist PV Sindhu will accompany her as her doctor to the Tokyo Games.

Sindhu sought the services of Evangeline, due to the significant contribution made by the qualified physicist in her winning the gold medal at the 2019 World Championships in Basel.

“Yes, I am grateful to Sindhu and M/s. Praveen Raju and Pradeep Raju from Sochitra Academy for the tremendous confidence they have shown me in such an event as the Olympics,” sports stars.

When asked about her exact role, she said, “Honestly, a physicist has to respond very quickly in any given situation, and understand an athlete’s body language.”

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“Fortunately, Sindh told me about her body history. We got really hydrated really well,” the physiologist said.

“Well, every subtle aspect including the diet that Sind takes, and the number of calories you burn during your fitness and exercise sessions, is critical. Recovery sessions are the most important aspect of any athlete’s training.”

“I know Sindhu’s body requirements and exactly what you need at the end of the day to get back to work the next day,” Evangeline said.

big change

“A lot of work has been done on Sindh in the last few years on the fitness front with Srikanth sir (fitness coach M. Srikanth Verma) playing a key role. There is a huge change in her fitness levels now,” said Evangeline.

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The focus in Tokyo will be on checking her body daily, whether she needs any trigger points to release, making sure there are no muscle strains, no lactic acid formations, and whether or not she needs a massage.

“Fortunately, the Game Recovery equipment approved by the Federal Department of Sports should be a huge plus in our preparations,” she said.

The physicist will also take care of other Indian athletes at the Olympics.

“Sure, because it will be my first Olympics. I am really excited and proud to be the first female athlete with the Indian badminton team in the Olympics. Like all Indians, I would like to see Sindh win the gold.”


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