5 reasons why Detroit Lions fans should not have hope in 2021

Last week we gave you five reasons why Lions fans should have some hope in 2021, now we have to do the opposite. Today we talk about the five reasons why Lions fans should not have hope. Let’s just tear it off as a tape aid and get right into it.

You knew what you were getting into

Let’s just start right here. This is a reconstruction. We all knew what to expect as the Lions went burnt ground on the front office, coaching staff and lined up when the offseason started. It’s okay to have hope for the franchise, but the hope is not for 2021. It’s for 2023 and beyond.

If your first instinct around the 2021 season was that this team would not be very good, but that’s okay, stick to that instinct.

The defense did not really get better

The Lions had their worst defense in franchise history in 2020. Now that the defensive genius is no longer here, it could only get worse, right? Joke, but the reality is that this defense, as bad as it was, didn’t really do much to improve their status right away.

The Lions did something to improve their defensive line and that should help, but their linebacking corps still has lots of questions and so does their secondary. Ultimately, the question is, how much of Detroit’s poor defense was due to poor coaching? There are some thought that the right coaching could change these guys for a better defense. There may be some validity to it, but the truth of the matter is that their personnel on this defense are nowhere near where it should be.

Lots of untested talent in the offense

When I talked last week about players having something to prove, I mostly referred to the Lions receiving corps. Breshad Perriman, Tyrel Williams and company are all guys who have tried to show that they have belonged for the last half decade to no avail.

Yes, this is their greatest chance to show what they have because of the amount of goals they get, but that does not mean they will turn those goals into successes. The only evidence we currently have tells us that they probably will not. With that in mind, the Lions offense could end up fighting quite a bit in 2021 without any receiving game.

On top of that, if the receiving corps is fighting, it will definitely affect Jared Goff. If the receiving game is really bad and Jared Goff looks bad because of it, does it suddenly change Lions rebuilding?

NFC is stacked and this schedule is rough

We are in year 2 at the extra wildcard spot, but the Lions are still in a very tough conference that is just getting tougher. That Buccaneers will be really good again, the rams can be a team that can go all the way, the Seahawks are always good and you know all this Aaron Rodgers hubbub just ends up being a quarterback Packers to the NFC North title again. Do not sleep on up-and-comers like the Cardinals and Giants.

Not only will the Lions have to fight for the post season against some good teams, they will also have to play some of the best projected teams in 2021. No matter how you cut it Lions schedule is among the toughest in the NFL. In total, the Lions have nine games against teams that went to the playoffs last year. Things could get bad in a hurry for this team.

The coaching team is green

I love this coaching staff. I know you do too. When I speak in person, I think this group is something special and the lions are on their way. But to quote the great Stone Cold Steve Austin, these guys are “greener than goose shit.”

These guys are all pretty much new to the job outside of Anthony Lynn. This is Dan Campbell’s first full – time head coach job, Mark Brunell was a high school coach last year, Aaron Glenn has only coached defensive backs and so on. There will be some hiccups and growth pains and they are likely to be most visible in 2021.

The good news on this front is that the Lions have guys like Dom Capers, Hank Fraley and the already mentioned Anthony Lynn in the staff. Their knowledge and experience will really come in handy when it comes to the team of the future. Just do not expect top results out of the gate.

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