Alonso ‘felt stupid’ for obeying F1 course boundaries at opening round for Austrian GP F1

Alonso once again expressed his disappointment after the race as Daniel Ricciardo and Charles Leclerc reportedly gained an unfair advantage on Lap 1 by deliberately running wide on Turn 1 to get ahead of the Spaniard.

The alpine driver was comfortably beaten by Ricciardo and Leclerc and eventually finished in tenth after overtaking Williams’ George Russell into Turn 4 during the final laps.

Reflects on what happened in the opening round by Red Bull RingAlonso described it as “unfair”.

“We drove in Austria twice in two weekends and I was the only one who overtook cars at the start and braked very late for Turn 1 on the inside,” said Alonso. “I overtook Ricciardo and Leclerc this time and they went off track at the end of [Turn] 1 and they went out before me. And even more than that, they run into the next car in front from the slipstream to the Turn 3.

“I felt it was very unfair today again, and it was last weekend. I was on Turn 1 in front of Charles and Ricciardo and I was leaving Turn 1 and then 50 yards behind Ricciardo and I was the only one making the corner so you feel a little stupid. ”

Alonso acknowledged that managers often see a more gentle attitude towards the opening round, as there are 20 cars nearby.

Although the two-time champion does not believe that neither Ricciardo nor Leclerc were forced off the field, it was rather their own choice to gain an advantage.

“I think it’s written, and it’s quite clear that at first they’s a little more flexible in terms of penalties and court boundaries as we fight, so sometimes you’m forced to go off the court because you’re fighting , and you are forced by a car and you take the runoff area, ”Alonso added.

“But that was not the case. It was just a pure performance decision to go out and keep the gas on. There was no side by side. So I do not think it is a gray area. It was quite clear. ”

Race director Michael Masi explained why no one was punished in the first place in Austria.

“We look at it, one of the things we said, and this has occurred since Paul Ricard 2019 [race], was the first lap and the first couple of corners, if it is found that a car should be left behind the car, it came into the corner behind, ”Masi explained. “We looked at the incident that Fernando was referring to, and from the angles we could see at the time, that was exactly what had happened.

“So that’s the general principle, because especially in such circumstances, everyone has generally asked to look at these things in a much milder way and help the drivers and teams if they need it. It was seen at the time. ”


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