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Bryson DeChambeau, Aaron Rodgers defeats Phil Mickelson, Tom Brady in Game 4: NFL: World Sports News

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BIG SKY, Montana – JULY 06: (LR) Aaron Rodgers, Bryson DeChambeau, Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson pose for photos after the Capital One game at The Reserve in Moonlight Basin on July 6, 2021 in Big Sky, Montana. (Photo: Stacy Revere/Getty Images for the match)

the match He wasn’t kind to the star-studded duo of Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady. They remain winless as golf peers at this unique charity event head-to-head after Mickelson and Brady were defeated by Bryson DeChambeau and Aaron Rodgers in Game 4 at the Reserve Golf Course at Moonlight Basin in Big Sky, Montana, on Tuesday.

There was a lot of noise in this match as the event featured four of the biggest stars in the sporting world. DeChambeau and Mickelson are, of course, major golf champions, with Lefty winning the PGA Championship just months ago. On the other hand, Brady and Rodgers are the MVP of the Super Bowl and MVP of the regular season, respectively, in the National Football League.

Experience means nothing because Brady and Mickelson lose again

Brady and Mickelson They are no strangers to this golf event. Mickelson appeared in the inaugural edition of the match, defeating rival Tiger Woods. Lefty then teamed up with Brady for the second edition of the match, where they lost to Peyton Manning Woods duo. Mickelson then rebounded from that loss by winning Match 3 alongside partner Charles Barkley as they outplayed Stephen Curry and Manning.

The 2021 edition of the match used an alternate bullet format, and it was DeChambeau who drew first blood, cracking on the first hole of a birdie soaring 1. Brady and Mickelson fought back, however, with momentum swinging their way on the third hole.

After DeChambeau blasted wood into a 392-yard par-4 third hole six feet off the pin, Brady answered with a great drive that landed next to DeChambeau’s shot. The pairing was then placed between DeChambeau and Rogers with a triple to hand the pit to Brady and Mickelson.

Brady and Mickelson took the lead on the next hole, but DeChambeau and Rogers recovered when they headed back in the ninth with the match tied. DeChambeau and Rogers walked away in the closing stages, winning three consecutive holes to give them an advantage they wouldn’t concede. Aaron Rodgers took the jump on the 16th hole to score a 3-2 win over Brady and Mickelson.

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Rodgers is simply gorgeous on his debut in ‘The Match’

Aaron Rodgers He was brilliant at the event as he was in charge of five bird tweezers. He also drove the ball well, pairing Rodgers and DiCambo using the green Bay full-back’s central tee on six of seven holes. This is an incredible stat considering DeChambeau’s incredible strength off the tee.

Unfortunately for Mickelson and Brady, they were not consistent with their shots on the tee as they struggled to put the ball in the fairway. Brady was able to hit four birdie strikes on Tuesday, but they weren’t able to hold their own at the ninth linebacker.

Mickelson and Brady may have lost again, but the important thing is that they were able to raise money for the charities involved. At the conclusion of the event, donations and contributions will help provide 6.3 million meals for Feeding America and a whopping $2.6 million for My Brother’s Keeper.

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