Fact or Fiction: Jeremiah Alexander Will End Up With Alabama

National Recruitment Manager Competitors Adam Journey and National Employment Analyst Sam Spiegelman, along with Corey Bender From GatorsTerritory.com and Ryan Young From TrojanSports.com, he addressed three topics in recruitment and determined whether or not they believed each statement.


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1. Jeremiah Alexander will end up returning to the Alabama class.

Jeremiah Alexander (Rivals.com)

Gurney Takes: Fact. The Clemson A visit blew him away. All went well on that trip, the Tigers emerged as the main candidates and it seemed at least for a while that he might end up there. But Alabama Once again, the call came, coach Nick Saban Others have made the state’s best player a major priority in this category and it looks like Crimson Tide might shut him down. Alexander was already committed to Alabama once, so he loves a lot about the program. Looks like he’s going back to recruiting class.

Take Spiegelmann: Fact. This is a race between two teams led by Alabama and Clemson. Having made their way to Clemson at the beginning of June, Alexander named the Tigers the team to beat and their rise was noteworthy. However, Alexander has since returned to Tuscaloosa on three occasions, and Alabama’s one-time pledge is a priority for Saban in defense. Entering Thursday’s decision, the tide feels like the team to beat.

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2. After Elite 11, Devin Brown was the most popular quarterback in the rankings.

Devin Brown

Devin Brown (Nick Lucero / Rivals.com)

Taking Gorney: FICTION. Brown was wonderful. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the event was the strength and accuracy of his arm and the fact that USC Commitment looked as good for extended periods as any midfield player in the event. But there are two three-star players who deserve an even higher rise in the rankings: Pennsylvania state commit Drew Lar And the Michigan State pledge Katen Hauser. Allar and Houser had exceptional showings, and I particularly liked Houser throughout the weekend as he showed great arm, surprisingly good athleticism, and the ability to make throws. Brown was great, but he’s already four stars. Allar and Houser are more worthy of moving higher.

Take Young: Fact. The quarterback didn’t exceed expectations more than Brown at Elite 11. Part of that is simply because he didn’t have the national profile of many of the other QBs that entered the event, so when he came out and consistently looked like one of the top five passers out there every day, every training, every competition, It was honestly eye opening. Comments from other players in the tournament reinforced this as well. It’s not like Brown was completely off the radar or something—we put him in the top 200 and he’s USC bound—but he simply wasn’t up for any conversations about the best QBs in this class. Now, it should be. That fits with the narrative of his football trajectory as a late-game player who grew up through a huge growth spurt between his first and second years, who didn’t really play in an attack geared toward putting in massive numbers of passes at Queen Creek in Arizona and who now sees his physical tools develop and sharpen just as He’s about to take over the Corner Canyon high-point attack in Utah this fall. Those who didn’t notice Brown’s Elite 11 performance will get another chance to rate his high stock this fall as he plays in the same attack laid out jackson dart To set state records last year. But yes, Brown showed in Elite 11 that he is better than his current ranking as the No. 9 pro-style QB in this category. A few years after finding a hidden gem outside of Arizona Kidon slovesThe Trojans seem to have done it again with Brown.

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3. Florida has a real chance of landing a four-star defensive end Quincy Wiggins.

Quincy Wiggins

Quincy Wiggins

Taking Gorney: FICTION. I totally understand that Wiggins made a great visit to Florida And that there are unique connections out there so Gators can be a key player in his commitment. But history is not on this side and there is something I tend to. LSU He really has a vice grip on top potential clients within the state. In the 2021 class, LSU relegated all top five players. In 2020, four were in the top five. In 2019, it was eight in the top 10. In 2018, three were in the top four. Not only do the Tigers keep the top players at home, but during those recruiting cycles, none of the state’s top players ever went to Florida. This may be different for sure, and Wiggins has a great interest in Gators, but there’s a huge hill to climb that I don’t see right now.

Bender Takes: Fact. Although he resides in LSU’s backyard, Florida is definitely a legitimate competitor to Wiggins after hosting him on an unofficial visit last month. All in all, you could say that Wiggins’ time at Gainesville was a great experience, with the Rivals100 lineman saying it was the most love the school had shown him on any visit. He also “cannot wait” to return on his official visit. Coach Dan Mullen Defensive line coach David Turner They lead the UF hunt for the 6-foot-6, 264-pound defender, while fellow Louisiana native and intervening defensively Galen Lee I pressed all the right buttons during the visit as well. Wiggins is well aware of the show’s success among the white lines, but it’s the home-like feel of Gainesville that solidified the UF’s recruiting position. It would be hard to outpace LSU, while Alabama Significantly in the mix, too, but Florida cemented its position last month. I would say Florida is in that group of 2-3 best.”

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