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The International Chamber of Commerce introduces the World Trade Center points system: what is it? How will it work?

Although the sport is incredibly popular in many of the world’s most populous countries, cricket remains one of the most innovative.

There have been a number of variations of the game created throughout its history, with the likes of T20 . format Having grown into something that many probably found unimaginable when it was first introduced.

Of course, the quiz format is one that has stood the test of time, although there have been some tweaks to the game’s gameplay in recent years. One method that has recently been modified is to introduce the World Test Championship, known as the WTC.

The first edition of the World Trade Center It only recently came to an end, with New Zealand beating India in a series they eventually won by 8 wickets in Southampton, England, in the Ageas Bowl.

The final of the 2021-23 competition has yet to be decided, although there were a number of matches already scheduled to take place, with the opening match between India and England. Although the competition hasn’t started yet, bettors can already head over to it Unibet IN To place a bet on who might win the sweeping competition as the outright winners market has already been made available.

Introducing the points system

However, it appears that the International Cricket Committee (ICC) has decided to make a change to the WTC format for the upcoming 2021-23 series due to take place soon.

The most notable change in the way the competition will be played has been the introduction of a points system. The mod is arguably easier for teams and cricket fans as it allows for a somewhat generic and generic system to be adopted.

In the most recent set of rules, the ICC introduced the rules in which each match would have the same set of allotted points available to get it, with 12 points awarded to the team that wins, while a tie would provide 6 points and a tie would offer a total of 4 points. The team that loses the match they are playing will not get any points for that match.

This points system is slightly different from the one used in the latest version of the World Trade Center, where points are distributed based on The number of test matches played in series, with a total of 120 points available to win.

Additionally, teams are likely to be able to lose points via the opponent’s system, taking one point from them for every overshoot they fall behind in the overrate that is set.

It should be noted that the rating system will continue to remain in place, remaining as a percentage of points earned for points played.

Nine test teams participate

You will see competition The nine participating teams – Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka and West Indies – each play a total of six groups, three of which play on their grounds while the other three will play away from home.

India and Pakistan will not be playing each other in the upcoming competition, which was the same inaugural edition as well.

The upcoming cycle could be crowded for Test countries like England as they will play a total of 21 Tests in this period – including the five game series that The Ashes will provide – while India will play 19 and Australia will take 18 Tests.

New Zealand will play the lowest Test series in this period, although they will play only 13, as will Sri Lanka and the West Indies.

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