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Best Bets: Big Race Plays and Belmont Longshot

America’s Best Racing and Expert Racer (and Avid Gambler) Monique Cut Team up to provide horse players with their best bets on the weekend.

Vág will make her top picks as well as at least one game of the weekend, which is a great opportunity to swing a winning bet or take a showbiz shot. You’ll also occasionally look for totally solid plays for the weekend or try to spot a good opportunity for other bets.

This weekend’s bets

Saturday 10 July

Play Longshot

Belmont ParkSixth race, 3:34 p.m. ET

#9 Rift Valley: He made the best pace of his career in his last race and showed some notable improvement. This was only his second attempt to race on grass and he worked a wide late but was unable to get up in time. Not only did he look really good racing on grass but he also looked great with the addition of the blinking lights that he will be racing again.

Hopefully he can get a good job to work at on Saturday, where he’ll be able to show a little faster and be a little closer, leaving him with a bit of work to do of late.

best bet

Belmont Park, Race 9 1,000,000 dollars Belmont Derby Invitation Classes5:12 PM ET

# 5 Today: He’s won three consecutive competitions on grass, all in different ways which adds to his appeal. On his last attempt on the lawn, this colt benefited from a perfect chase flight and was able to get up in time.

There seems to be quite a bit of pacing put into this competition which can be good for horses that are sitting too far off their pace or are on a hunt again. Although he is ready to make his first start as a new coach Bill Mott, I think it will be ready and should offer a fair price for the shoot.

best bet

Delaware ParkRace 9 $400,000 400 Delaware Handicap5:15 p.m. ET

# 5 Bonnie South: She raced very well in her last helpers with the win and second place. On her last attempt she encountered an absolute monster Litrusca which was untouchable that day.

Expect this filly to be sharper on Saturday as she begins for the third time to leave her for a long time and meet the knight Florent Giroud which has been on board for most of her career begins. It meets an easier field in general and should be very challenging.

best bet

Arlington Park5th race, 5:21 p.m. ET

#6 Going out aces: He has raced much better since he tried his luck on the grass. Despite those competitions against the easier groups overall and in the lower rankings, in each of his victories he was able to get to the front end, rate the tempo well and control the tempo from there.

In the Saturday competition I look for a lot of the same. He showed a good amount of early speed and the majority of the other participants seemed to be doing their best out of speed. If he was able to take a trip similar to his two most recent victories and avoid the compressed pace, it didn’t look like anyone would be able to track him down of late.

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