Countdown Rachel Riley left wide angle as two very rude words are spelled out

The countdown viewers were shocked after a ‘dirty’ letter around revealed not one but two rude words.

The bug no doubt left cast and crew members blushing as the two inappropriate words “porn” and “rideable” were spelled out in Thursday’s show.

Dictionary corner presenter Susie Dent noted both words in the episode.

But her colleague and co-star Grace Dent admitted she had no knowledge of any of them and said, “We have a seven, porn, which I do not quite understand what it is.”

Susie was allowed to clarify: “It means more pornographic.”

Show presenter Rachel Riley was left wide-eyed in the awkward position by standing next to the board with the rude words spelled behind her.

Rachel continued the show as the juicy words appeared

But fans of the show could not resist going to social media to spot the show’s healthy moments.

One fan said, “Today’s countdown was nothing but dirt.”

Another joked: “I think we need the show pre-recorded or set up past watershed.”

Countdown stars remain stunned as two very rude words are spelled out
Countdown stars remain stunned as two very rude words are spelled out

And it’s not Susie’s first look at rude words this week, as she also sheds light on another in a column for Why Now titled Susie Dent’s Introduction to Swearing – The F-word.

Countdown Lexographer questioned the most versatile word in the English language before concluding: “It’s likely ‘f ** k’ would be close to the top of the list”.

BY Steve Arnott

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She continued, “With good reason: how many other words can function as a noun, a verb, an adjective, an amplifier, and an everyday filler?”

She said: “The F-bomb is now being used so fast that it has become something of a damp trick.”

Anne Robinson has taken over as host of the show
Anne Robinson has taken over as host of the show

Meanwhile back in her daily job, Susie is now joined by the weakest Link host, Anne Robinson, 76, who has taken the helm ahead of the show following Nick Heaver’s departure of the Channel 4 show.

Rachel said of the new line-up in a statement: “It has been really fun to see Anne very quickly find her feet in the Countdown studio and see the participants in the new groove with her.

“She’s not shy about asking them funny questions, and the answers have ranged from going into their own comedy routines to not looking directly at her and hoping she can’t see them.”

Countdown is sent weekdays at 14:15 on Channel 4.


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