Greenroom Live Podcast: How well do you know your Seattle Seahawks trivia?

It’s trivia time! Since it is July and we do not have much news to discuss, there is not a better time to set ours Seattle Seahawks knowledge for the test. Field Gulls author Wilson Conn will quiz Brandan Schulze and Clinton Bonner on topics that cover every corner of the Seahawks’ history and statistics. Keep track of your score during the episode and let us know if you beat the hosts!

Join us Spotify’s Greenroom app this weekend. Recording time will be sent here when we settle at some point. If you previously joined us via Locker Room, click on your app to update to the new look or download the new app. If you can not handle it, leave a comment below and we will read it on the show if we have time.

Go to your phone and follow my account. You can search for my name, Brandan Schulze with the app, so you can be warned when we go live. Greenroom is available on iOS and Android.

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