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Habs Fans Forum: What a road trip | Video

Montreal, QC – Few phrases in the Montreal Canadiens tradition evoke more emotion or revive more memories of “forumOnce dubbed “the most storied building in hockey history” by Sporting News, the arena was home to nearly 18,000 Habs fans between 1924 and 1996.

Today, this iconic building in Cabot Square no longer resonates with the sounds of sleds, sticks, pucks and cheers amid Stanley Cup-winning excitement. However, Habs fans have found new ways to keep their voices heard.

With this in mind, Rocket Sports Media is proud to bring you a new video column, Habs . fan forum. The weekly video series is hosted by contributor Ben Dankio. Each week, he’ll take you on a journey summarizing the highs and lows of the Hab from a fan’s perspective. So buckle up, it’s always a wild ride!

this week:

In this week’s episode, Ben reflects on the Stanley Cup tour of the Montreal Canadiens and how proud he is of what the team has accomplished. Naturally, these feelings of pride mixed with deep disappointment. Ben breaks down his thoughts about what went wrong, including opinions about the attackers’ ineffectiveness and thoughts about what could have motivated them to succeed.

Ben wears his emotions up his sleeve in the hours after the Habs season ends, but he’s also thinking about what it means for him to join the Rocket Sports and All Habs Hockey Magazine family to help revive the Habs fan community. He thinks there’s a lot to get excited about in the future!

Watch the full video below, then be sure to subscribe to All Habs Hockey Magazine YouTube channel, very!

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