Patrick Mahomes: Chiefs will ‘start from scratch’, return to the Super Bowl

While playing in the American Century Championship golf tournament in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes spoke with NFL Network Patrick Claybon. The two Patricks talked about the injury to the turf toe that Mahomes suffered during the Divisional Round match against Cleveland Browns last season.

“The toe is fine,” said Mahomes. “I’m out here playing golf and can walk around the course. I have run, cut, jumped, thrown – done it all. So I’m just excited to get back to training camp and have another chance to run on it and win super Bowl this year.”

He certainly looked at the part in a training video recently posted to Twitter.

Mahomes told Claybon that despite the injury, his offseason approach has not differed much from what he has done in previous seasons.

“It’s different in the sense that you don’t have the parades and all the different kinds of things,” he said. “But I think the beauty of the NFL is every single year you start from scratch. You have to get in, you have to put in the work to try to get to the big game and try to win it. And so, for us, winning or losing the Super Bowl the last two years, we still have the same mentality: We start from scratch and build and try to find a way to get back to that game. ”

The full interview will be broadcast on the network program “NFL Total Access” at 18:00 Arrowhead Time on Thursday.

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