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Risk of race ban on punishment ‘not what F1 should be’ – Norris

Lando Norris believes the driver’s penalty point system, which leaves him in danger of being banned from a race, is “stupid” and lacks common sense.

The McLaren driver will be four penalty points away from a ban when Formula 1 next runs at the British Grand Prix, with his current number of 10 points reduced by two before Silverstone. But he will be at least eight points until mid-November, and after picking up two for his match with Sergio Perez early in the final race in Austria, Norris says the system is wrong.

“Well, just in case Zak (Brown) is ready to jump in when I can’t … when something happens again,” Norris said. “In my opinion, they should be decisions about when someone has done something dangerous and harmed someone, done something that they should not have done; and then you have racing, and when people need common sense.

“Like the incident in Baku with the red flag and no boxing when I should have done it – I did no harm. In fact, it was the opposite and I did everything for sure. Why should I deserve penalty points for it? Why do I have to earn penalty points (from last Sunday’s Austrian GP) for someone going into the gravel?

“Nothing I have done is dangerous … maybe in some cases you deserve a penalty on the track because you have done something bad in terms of racing and you have just made a mistake; but then you have things that people do now and then that are downright dangerous.

“If you really overtake (under) a yellow flag and do something else that is clearly a rule that will endanger people, then I understand penalty points for a driver, and if it is added, you get a driving ban or a race ban. ; but for small things like this it’s stupid in my opinion. That is not what Formula 1 should be.

“I do not know. I would expect and hope that other people would support this kind of opinion.”

Max Verstappen backed Norris, saying the Briton received two penalty points for a boundary decision to force another driver off the track, meaning six close fights could end up seeing him banned.

“If you wanted six of these incidents, I do not think you deserve a ban on what he did or whatever,” Verstappen said. “It simply came to our notice then.

“I’ve been there myself – I was 9 in some places myself – and that’s how it goes, but I do not think with the things that you got penalty points for, say you would come to 12, you do not deserve a ban for that. I’ve said it before, we need to look into it. ”


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