Business Golf News – Major Leagues Accelerate Post-Covid Sustainability Campaign

Two major golf tournaments – the Open and Seniors presented by Rolex – lead the most sustainable post-Covid sporting events with the help of the Swedish drinking water company blue water.

The two tournaments, which attract the world’s best players and tens of thousands of golf fans, have taken a stand against single-use plastic bottles by offering free on-demand pure drinking water from unique Bluewater waterworks and refillable stainless steel water bottles as an alternative. a culture of exclusion.

“Using our solutions at the 149th Open and Senior Tournament, they are enabling players and visitors alike to hydrate in an environmentally friendly way,” said Bengt Reitre, a leading Swedish environmental entrepreneur. He said addressing the devastating impact of plastic bottles on the environment is vital to planetary well-being considering that one million single-use plastic bottles are produced every sixty seconds.

“It is unacceptable that most plastic bottles end up in the ocean or landfill where they take hundreds of years to decompose while potentially health-threatening chemicals are suspended in the world’s water and food chains,” said Mr. Rittery.

R&A, which is hosting the 149th Open at the Royal St George’s Golf Club in Sandwich, Kent, in mid-July, piloted the Bluewater water plant and bottling solutions at The 148th Open in Royal Portrush, Northern Ireland, where they helped the organization eliminate the sale of plastic packaging . The Seniors Championships will take place at the Sunningdale Golf Club July 22-25.

Bluewater water plants use patented technology that removes most water contaminants, including EDC chemicals, pesticides, toxic metals, viruses, bacteria and microplastics. Bluewater’s technology, called Superior Osmosis™, outperforms conventional reverse osmosis, widely regarded as the best water purification technology.

Bluewater guarantees that their stainless steel bottles will last a lifetime and use only hypoallergenic silicone for sealant fillers and carrying rings. Additionally, Bluewater collects 1 kilogram of plastic waste from seashores around the world for every Bluewater bottle sold using a blockchain-based platform that sees people pay to return plastic waste to authorized recycling centers.

Bengt Retreat says Bluewater is helping large-scale events transition to greater sustainability by using business models that include selling stainless steel bottles to make up for any income lost from sponsoring large beverage companies.

Since launching the water station and bottle refill concept four years ago, the company has emerged as a leader in innovative water delivery solutions for events. Outside of golf, Bluewater’s solutions have been leveraged by Volvo Ocean Race, Formula E, music events in South Africa and the USA such as Rock the Daisies and Ohama, and movie site locations for video production such as Ridley Scott’s Raised by Wolves.

We want to give people pure, natural water and stop the need for plastic water bottles. “Single-use plastics, from bottles to other containers, are a time bomb that threatens the well-being of future generations, and our job is to harness human ingenuity by doing something to prevent it,” said Bengt Retry.

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