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Cleveland Indians coach Terry Francona on the referees’ double-play call: ‘I think they got it wrong’

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Indians coach Terry Francona said James Howe is a good referee, but he thinks he got it wrong.

This happened in the eighth inning of the Indians’ 2-1 win over the Royals at Progressive Field on Friday. Cleveland eventually beat Homer Bobby Bradley for ninth. But on the eighth, things were not so rosy.

Triston Mackenzie had led 1–0 to Emmanuel Clase, after seven impressive runs. Jorge Soler changed it with Homer for one time to equalize the score.

The Indians came right back at the bottom of the break as Daniel Johnson sorted and went to second with a foul. Cesar Hernandez followed him with one song to the right while Johnson stopped out for third. There were no splitters and corner-runners with the beating meat. What can go wrong?

Amed sent Rosario smug to stop Nikki Lopez when Johnson broke into the house. Lopez ran to Johnson, who stopped halfway between third and home and wreaked havoc. Meanwhile, Hernandez turned second and slipped to third while Johnson was regressing.

Salvador Perez, a hunter of the Royal Family, chased Johnson back into third, after taking Lopez’s throw. When Johnson got out of the bag, Perez pulled him out. Then he branded Hernandez. Hoy, who lives in Parma, called up the racers and turned a potential rally win into dust.

“I had two arguments,” Francona said. “By the rulebook if there are two runners in the third at the same time, the next guy from the second (Hernandez) is out.

“But they tag Daniel and keep the tag on Daniel getting out of the bag. Once he’s out, Cesar is fine (safe third).

“The other thing is Daniel wasn’t in the bag. So we didn’t have two guys on the bag when he (Perez) flagged Cesar. I think there are two ways to go there and I don’t think they got it right. I got home board judgment (Tripp) Gibson) He’s coming down there. I don’t know what he thought he saw.

“I think they got it wrong. They are good judges. I don’t think they got the play right.”

Hoye fired Francona during the discussion. This was Francona’s first expulsion since May 25, 2019.

“I know I may have said some things I didn’t mean,” Francona said. “But it’s hard to play in this position in the game.”

Francona was asked if the play was revisable and said, “That’s a really good question because I lost my composure when I came out on the field. It’s still a bit foggy. I’ll find out. … It’s a good question and I need to know more about that.”

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