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EURO 2020 | Ep 25 | The extended final preview

Hugh Woozencroft is joined by Gregor Robertson, Jonathan Northcroft and Matt Lawton.

The nerves are at a high point ahead of the final – even the Scots among us are coming to the final. We discuss the atmosphere in the camp in England and how the country is preparing for the events on Sunday evening (00:00)

David Walsh joins us to discuss Gareth Southgate, the person. He is the only man who has written a book about England manager with his input and blessing (30:18)

The Times’ European football reporter Ian Hawkey has the latest from the Italian side of the fence. Do they see England as a threat, or are they convinced to do it 34 in a row? (46:08)

It’s time for our final predictions – will football come home? (56:45)

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