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The great mystery of the NBA draft, Makur Maker

New Orleans Pelicans 2020 NBA Draft Score (Photo by Sarah Steer/Getty Images)

The New Orleans Pelicans have four picks in the second round of the upcoming NBA Draft and could try to use one or more of them to get a high ceiling but raw potential.

Round two is the place to take chances, as most guys don’t make it out anyway so you can too Choose men with potential that may need to be developed in the G-League or abroad.

This year’s NBA draft has a number of these players and the Pelicans may actually be able to find some talent with their four selections.

One man is a complete puzzle Makor Maker, a cousin of NBA player Thon Maker, who was also considered a high-ceilinged enigma in the NBA draft.

New Orleans Pelicans NBA Draft: What to Make of Makur Maker

I don’t remember a prospect that was more difficult to measure than McCormick’s, once considered one of the best high school centers in the country.

He was recruited by all NCAA heavyweights but chose to go to HBCU Howard, which I thought was a great move, as he was trying to show that not every big player has to go to Kentucky or Duke.

It didn’t really work out for him, as he was injured after playing only two games with Howard, but now here in the NBA Draft anyway.

He will be making comparisons to the recently picked Paul Bull for a number of reasons, which is that they are both tall men with connections to Sudan, but their games aren’t much different and they are expected to have the same kinds of strengths.

Maker’s sample size is small but potentially has some strengths that New Orleans Pelicans can use.

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